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Employee Management: The Basics

By October 5, 2015May 10th, 2019HR Solutions
Employee Management: The Basics | HR Solutions

The first of our management guides takes a look at day-to-day employee management and what you can do to boost engagement in your workplace.

First and foremost, getting the right people for the job is key. Maintaining a smooth environment once your team is in place however requires knowledge, perception, and the ability to lead from the top.

Display the following traits as you manage your employees and you can guide your team on to great accomplishments.

Be Knowledgeable:

Your employees will trust you if they know that you can do the role, which means developing a strong working knowledge of not only your responsibilities but also about the rest of your business and your industry. Management training courses can provide you with the basic competencies that you need.

For specific industry knowledge you will need to rely upon your own experience and initiative. Read trade journals and industry magazines to keep up to date with developments that may affect your business so that you can keep your team ready and prepared for any incoming changes.

This also applies to meetings or any other forum in which your input will be required. Make sure that you are familiar with any issues prior to being in a situation where you have to discuss them.

Be Supportive:

A key element of good day-to-day management is ensuring that you are visible and engaged with your team. Be approachable, and build a personal rapport with your employees where you can. Not everyone feels able to ask for help when they need it, and so it is your responsibility to make it easy for your team to do so.

Everyone experiences a rough patch at some point in their life, whether work related or otherwise. It is your duty to know your staff and to understand their responsibilities and their workloads. You also need to be perceptive enough to recognise any changes in behaviour or in the quality of their work that may indicate a problem. It is best practice to speak to your employee and address any issues discreetly before they have the chance to derail the working environment.

Be Honest:

Employees trust managers that they see as reliable, so make sure that you keep promises to your team and meet your deadlines. If you are unable to do something, say so from the start. It is better to set realistic expectations at the beginning of a project and follow through on these than it is to renegotiate what you can and can’t do halfway through the process.

Proudly display the values that you want your team to exhibit and they will follow your lead. Delegating tasks and responsibilities will show your employees that you trust their abilities, and give them the motivation and the confidence that they need to stretch themselves.

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