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Are you ready to conquer the business landscape in 2024? We want to hear from you, the dynamic SME community.

Our exclusive survey is your key to shaping a brighter future for your business.
This year, we’re partnering with two leading SMEs – qoob group and Pulse Group Media, to help other SMEs unlock success throughout 2024 and beyond.

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Gain insight: Discover the challenges & opportunities awaiting SMEs in 2024.

Strategy matters: Share your plans to overcome obstacles.

Be the first to know: Survey participants will receive an in-depth report with recommendations, action points, and exclusive insights.

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About the Survey

Building on the success of our 2021, 2022, and 2023 business surveys, previously run in partnership with Deloitte and Nordens Chartered Accountants, the 2024 SME survey – partnering with qoob group and Pulse Group Media – will serve as a barometer for likeminded businesses looking for opportunities to grow and strengthen.

Topical business challenges such as rising costs, marketing challenges, employee retention, and imminent employment law changes are due to be discussed, in addition to understanding how AI, digital marketing and investment can pave the way for growth next year.

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Survey 2023 Results
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Last year’s survey

In our 2023 SME survey, we focused on how businesses were managing new challenges – such as tax rises, staff recruitment, and political uncertainty. Were those external factors becoming a platform in which they could thrive, or were they proving to be a struggle to overcome?

We also looked at employment legislation and the impact any changes might have had on businesses, along with asking our respondents what their biggest decisions looked like in 2023 and these decisions determined the overall performance of their company.

Specifically we found that:


predicted rising costs would be a key challenge


stated employee retention would be the most important aspect of people management


stated that available finance would have the biggest impact on decision making

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