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The 2021 SME Business Survey has provided an opportunity to gain a further understanding of how SME businesses are feeling and responding to the changes that we have all witnessed throughout the previous year.

From conducting this survey and reviewing the findings, we have gained a clear understanding of the main challenges and concerns that businesses have experienced throughout 2021.

2021 has been yet another unpredictable year for everyone in business. We have seen the fallout from what has now been called, ‘The Great Resignation’, which has been further emphasised in this report, with 50% of surveyed SMEs stating recruitment could be a major challenge for them in 2022.

Many SMEs expressed a keen interest in finding new ways of managing their costs and increasing profitability. With the right resources and support, 2022 looks set to become a strong year for SMEs to rebuild, develop and find new success.

2022 looks set to be an interesting year, with clear themes in the survey indicating that this will be a year for change

How will you use our findings to assist with your own business over the coming year?

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