Case Study:  Qoob Group

Digital Marketing Specialists

“Our dedicated HR Consultant is incredibly powerful for our business”



About Qoob
Founded in early 2022, the Qoob Group is a collection of digital marketing companies including Square Media, Silverdisc and Geexe which employ more than 30 people covering the entire marketing process.

Reasons for Choosing HR Solutions
Matthew Rigby – White, CEO of Qoob said, “We have a strong HR need across the business and as a small business owner, employing a full time HR person within our business wasn’t a viable option for us. HR Solutions have assisted us in a wide range of HR matters”.

Overcoming Challenges
Having recently gone through an acquisition increasing our headcount from 14 employees to more than 30, as a business owner it was a tricky situation to navigate. With the help of HR Solutions, we managed to avoid any HR issues or concerns throughout. HR Solutions helped us to re-write our handbooks and policies and were there to guide us through the entire process.

Most Positive Experience
Not only do we have access to a dedicated HR Consultant, but also a whole team of people behind them who are able to provide a wide range of knowledge. This makes our HR Consultant incredibly powerful to us as a business.

Great Results with HR Solutions
HR Solutions have made a huge difference to the business. Greg, the CEO of HR Solutions is heavily involved in the day-to-day operations and is incredibly supportive, helpful and happy to be involved which as a business owner, I find really valuable. Having the full support of HR Solutions allowed our acquisition to go as smoothly and successfully as possible.

I would highly recommend any business owner that needs support with their HR to contact HR Solutions, they are a fantastic partner and you won’t be disappointed.”

Matthew Rigby – White, CEO