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Welcome to our Employment Law Reform hub. This hub has been especially created so that we can communicate to you on developments regarding the Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill.

This is the Bill that if passed, would see most EU laws that the UK retained under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 ceasing to remain in force after 31 December 2023.

As things stand, we expect to see many significant changes to UK employment law over the coming year, and to keep you informed and share guidance on what steps your business should take, we will be posting news updates, and subject matter articles in this hub.

June 2023 update

EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill – what is it likely to mean for employers?

Take a look at this webinar  from HR Solutions as we explore the EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill and what it could mean for employment in 2024 and beyond.

We provide you with the latest update on the Bill’s progression through parliament and talk through the areas of employment we are likely to see significant change.

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retained eu law (revocation and reform) bill

May 2023 update

In our previous update in May we said that The Bill is in the latter stages of the parliamentary process and is at the report stage of the House of Lords. The Government has now published a consultation paper in which it is seeking views from businesses, professional bodies and trade unions and the general public.

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May 2023 update

The Bill is in the latter stages of the parliamentary process and is at the report stage of the House of Lords. This report stage will take place from 15 May 2023 and will be when a detailed examination of the Bill takes place, with any further amendments being put forward and voted on.

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January 2023 update

This month, the Bill had its third reading in the House of Commons in which MPs debated amendments that had been put forward and subsequently had its 1st reading in the House of Lords.

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December 2022 update

In our last update, we said that the Bill was about to have its second reading as part of the parliamentary process.

This second debate took place on 8 November and on 21 November,

Opposition parties tabled amendments to the Bill for it to be further debated in the House of Commons on 22 November.

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November 2022 update

The Bill had its second reading as part of the parliamentary process on 25 October 2022 and is now subject to the Committee Stage.

It is at this stage where a detailed examination of the Bill takes place. If the Bill becomes amended through this examination then it will be reprinted before the next stage.

Once the committee stage is finished, then the Bill will return to the House of Commons for the report stage.

It is at this point where the amended Bill will be debated and further amendments can be proposed.

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October 2022 update

The UK Government announced a new Bill – ‘Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill’ that if passed, would overturn this position.

It would mean that most retained EU laws would cease to remain in force according to a ‘sunset clause’ contained within it (a ‘sunset clause’ is a legal term that provides an expiry date once a Bill is passed into law).

This clause has a date of 31 December 2023, which is the point at which the EU law that has been retained by the UK will expire.

There is, however, potential for the Government to extend this expiry date, but can only do so once and can only extend until 23 June 2026.

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