HR Solutions Webinar:
Health and Safety at Work – Statutory Compliance

In this webinar recording our Senior Health, Safety and Environmental Management Consultant, Dominic Greenwood discusses the measures you need to take to de-risk your working environment from accidents as well as the statutory requirements of all businesses. We also discuss the support we can provide and options available to you to ensure compliance in this area.  Our interactive live webinars also give attendees the opportunity to ask Dominic any of your Health and Safety questions. 


Further Support and Free Resources

HR, Health and Safety Advice:  HR Solutions are here to provide businesses and employers with support and advice on any employment and workplace health and safety related issues; to find out more, complete the contact us form further below or call Dominic Greenwood on 0844 324 5840.

Essential Health and Safety Training Courses:  there are three health and safety courses that cover the key areas that every organisation is legally required to train their staff in. Undertaking this training will help your organisation demonstrate compliance with health and safety legislation.  The training courses are:  Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work;  Level 2 Health & Safety at Work; and Level 2 Fire Safety (Fire Marshal)Find out more about health and safety training courses and book online.

Covid-19 Self Assessment Survey:  this free online questionnaire for employers will help you to assess and then provide evidence of how safe your workplace is in relation to the pandemic.  It will help you to minimise risks and help ensure that workers and visitors are kept safe. Take the Covid-19 Self Assessment for employers and get an actionable report for your organisation.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Template:  this risk assessment template is for employers will help you to assess any risks in the workplace associated with the coronavirus pandemic and then de-risk the concerns to help ensure a safe workplace.  You can download the free Covid-19 Risk Assessment Template from our document shop.

Visitor Declaration Form:  this free health and safety Visitor Declaration Form will help your business to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure. It will also help you take precautionary measures to protect visitors and workers. You can download the Visitor Declaration Form via our document shop.

Weekly Covid-19 Workplace Check Sheet:  this  free workplace checklist will help you to identify risks and act accordingly to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining a safe workplace for workers and visitors. You can download the free Covid-19 Workplace Check Sheet from our Document Shop.

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