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Whats new in HR for 2020 | HR Solutions

What’s New for HR in 2020
16 January, Thursday  |  2pm – 3pm

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Changes are afoot in 2020!  If you have heard about the Matthew Taylor Good Work Plan, you may remember that in July 2017 the government published The Independent Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy (The Taylor Review). It recommended better clarification around employment status and greater protection for workers.  As a result, new laws which were dubbed the “largest upgrade in workers’ rights for over 20 years” were published. A number of these came into effect in April 2019, which brought in significant changes to pay slips and quadrupled the maximum penalty employers face for an aggravated or repeated breach of employment rights.

In April 2020 the next, and much bigger, wave of changes will come into force.  Changes will include; the content of written statements (employment contracts), when these must be issued, who they must be issued to, how to calculate holiday pay and changes to how agency workers must be treated! Join us for this webinar as we give you information about what you need to be ready for in 2020.

VE Day Bank Holiday 2020 | HR Solutions Webinar

VE Day and Tips on Bank Holiday Entitlement
13 February, Thursday   |  2pm – 3pm

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Only in 2020, the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) will become a bank holiday instead of the usual early May bank holiday. The decision was made by the UK Government in order to enable as many people as possible to take time to celebrate the end of World War Two and to honour and remember the many heroes and sacrifices that were made. This means that Friday 8th May will be the early bank holiday in 2020, not Monday 4th May.

When thinking about employees and entitlement to time off or pay in respect of bank holidays, no one should be worse off as a result of the change. In some cases, getting this wrong could result in a breach of contract or even a breach of the Working Time Regulations 1998. For many, the change will just require a straightforward swap. Confusion is likely to arise in organisations who normally close on bank holidays but choose to remain open on the Friday, and for those who have part-time staff affected by Fridays and Mondays. Do you pay it? Should they work it? Should they get time back? Join us in this session for tips on managing the change and tips on getting holiday entitlement right!

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Interesting HR Cases 2019 - HR Solutions - Webinar

Interesting Cases of 2019
Employment Law

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We reflect on some of the big employment cases in 2019. We’ll paint the scene, break down what the court ruling said and consider what we can learn from them about the way we manage our employees. We’ll also look at some cases which ended up with individuals having to pay out of their own pocket – and not just managers, but employees who went rogue too.

Sexual Harassment | HR Webinar | HR Solutions

Handling a Sexual Harassment Complaint


In this webinar, we will consider what processes should be followed and ways of striking the sensitive balance that is required. We will also have a quick look at what has been done recently in the UK to improve protection and access to justice in sexual harassment cases in the workplace. It goes without saying that bringing up a complaint about sexual harassment to a line manager can be difficult and even distressing for the employee. But it can also be distressing for the person accused.

Grievances - Top HR Tips - HR Solutions - Webinar

Grievances |  Top HR Tips

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In this webinar we are going to give some valuable tips and will run through a checklist of key things that every manager can get right to help ensure a grievance is handled properly. Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints that employees raise with their employers. Sometimes, and in fact ideally, these concerns are best approached informally. But sometimes they need to be handled formally and especially if they are serious. Good line management skills are essential for handling grievances correctly and for minimising the risk that the problems worsen or even result in a claim. 

Management Risk Protection | HR Solutions | Lumin Insurance

Protecting Your Business’s Prized Assets, its People

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Protecting your business’s prized assets, its people, gives it a better chance of surviving in a fast moving global economy.  The increasing pressure on business owners and management teams to deliver positive returns in an increasingly competitive global economy means that protecting your key people and shareholders has never been so profound.  Watch HR Solutions webinar recording with guest presenter Toby Davidson, Managing Director of Lumin Insurance Solutions for tips and guidance on management risk protection.

Flexible Working
Understanding Your Employer Obligations

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Flexible working in general is set to become the norm, and so in this webinar recording we brush up on the existing statutory right to request a change to working patterns. We also look at when someone can make a request, what your duties are as an employer and how you should handle a request. We’ll also consider your rights as an employer to refuse a request if you don’t think you can accommodate it.

HR Webinar Library - HR Solutions - Free HR Advice

HR Webinar Library
Free HR Webinars | Free HR Advice

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For lots more free HR advice, take a look at our webinar library where you can watch previous recordings, on demand and at your convenience. Recent HR webinar topics include: Supporting Mental Health at Work; 4 Types of Discrimination; Brexit HR and Employment Law.