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HR Strategy

Future of Work – New Employment Practices
13 August, Thursday   |  2pm – 3pm

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It is inevitable that the world of work will have to change in response to Covid-19. We are already needing to change the physical set up of our workspace, but what do we need to do more broadly post Covid-19 to retain competitive advantage and come out of this unprecedented period more successful?

Whilst the vast majority of people are still employed in traditional full time jobs with one employer, we will explore in this webinar how a move towards creating a more atypical form of workplace may allow businesses to respond to the Covid-19 in a way that means they can become more competitive and successful.  In this webinar, we will therefore be looking at the different types of employment contracts, the use of flexible working and home working as well ways to upskilling in this new world of work.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution
17 September, Thursday   |  1.30pm – 2.30pm

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The last few months have been extremely challenging to both business and employees and consequently, a lot of change is taking place with businesses restructuring and making redundancies. Research also suggests that half of employers still anticipate redundancies when furlough ends in October. The consequences of change such as this can lead to disgruntled employees, employees disagreeing with decisions made or feelings of unfair treatment in how they are being managed at this challenging time.

Conflict in the workplace is an obstruction and so resolving disputes will be key to moving your business forward through change. In this webinar, we will be joined by Kelly Barfoot who will be discussing the role of mediation in the workplace and how resolving conflict can help you to move your business forward.

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Managing Diversity in the Workplace | HR Webinar | HR Solutions

Managing Diversity in the Workplace


Diversity and inclusion is about recognising that we all have many great things in common but at the same time, we also have many great differences that sets us apart from each other. In the world of work, everybody should have the right to equal access to employment, equal pay and access to training and development. This webinar looks at how inequality throughout the employee lifecycle can exist, even without us realising. We look to share our thoughts on how we can focus on tackling inequality at work.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion | HR Solutions

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Action:
The Bedford College Group 


In this webinar we explore Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in action at The Bedford College Group. We will be joined by Anastassia Parsons, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor; Emma Lowe, Vice Principal and Caroline Biddle, Executive Director of Human Resources to discuss how The Bedford College Group are approaching Equality, Diversity and Inclusion through their student experience as well as throughout their employees.

Finding Your Next Job | CV and Interview Preparation | HR Solutions | HR Webinar

Finding your next job in the new world of work:
Updating CVs and interview preparation


In this webinar HR Solutions are joined by Claire Rogers, a specialist in career transition and outplacement. We examine some simple ways to identify (and be proud of) skills and strengths. We consider CV formats and trends taking this through to interview preparation aimed at maximising self-marketing. We all now, more than ever, need to show multi disciplinary skills, demonstrate flexibility in the new environment, and enhance transferability. This will apply no matter what the future path looks like, internally (new structure), external job search, self employment, volunteering or a mix.

Protecting Your Business - Webinar - HR Solutions

Protecting Your Business


At a time of uncertainty, you will want to do everything within your means to keep your business running smoothly and to limit risk. As we continue to respond to Covid-19, managing the employment relationship is even more critical to ensure your business can survive and thrive. The biggest cost to any employer is its people and people are essential to a business’s success. Careful and sensitive management of ending as well as maintaining the employment relationship whilst balancing the needs of the business will therefore be key.

In this webinar we discuss how you can protect your business from the risks associated particularly with ending the employment relationship. We explore how you can help to mitigate claims of whistleblowing, unfair, and constructive dismissal claims as well as those in connection with discrimination.

Find Your Next Job | Social Media | Social Connections | HR Solutions | HR Webinar

Finding your next job in the new world of work:
Social Media and LinkedIn update

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Social media – love it or not, is a fantastic tool for job hunters (and other opportunity seekers such as those moving towards a portfolio career). LinkedIn is dynamic but continually proving itself as a reliable business platform. How can it’s use be maximised?

In this webinar we are joined by Claire Rogers, a specialist in career transition and outplacement. We discuss recent changes, trends and suggestions for us all to make LinkedIn work better and lead to significant improvements. Perhaps most importantly for job-hunters is optimising the LI profile in line with the recruiter search algorithms.  What needs tweaking or adjusting to make a difference to your self-marketing via LinkedIn. How is a profile eye-catching and impactful? What sort of activity level is constructive? How do we deal with the limitations of the platform?


Furlough and Returning to Work:
Your Questions Answered

In this webinar, HR Solutions responds to your questions about all things furlough, returning to work and beyond! We regularly receive a large volume of questions at the end of our webinars, and our series during this period of Lockdown has been particularly busy. We thought we would therefore invite our webinar audience to submit questions to us in advance and we would prepare responses as a presentation giving an overview of where we are at at the current time and the options available to you in moving forward.


Future of Work - The New Normal | HR Solutions

Future of Work – The New Normal

In this webinar HR Solutions explorse what the future of work will look like, and what will be the new normal. We discuss the current Pandemic’s impact as a catalyst for change, and it’s impact on the working environment. We are joined by Andrew Morgan, Co-Founder of Hardsoft Computers, talking about his experiences with his clients and how they have been supporting their clients to adapt to the new working environment. Greg Guilford, CEO of HR Solutions, also shares his experiences from HR Solutions clients, and how they have been managing their employees and what his views are on what a return to work for these organisations is likely to look like. This webinar was interactive, with attendees able to ask questions for discussion.


Personal Relationships at Work | Webinar | HR Solutions

Personal Relationships at Work

In a modern world, where we all spend a lot of time at work and with our colleagues, there is a growing trend of personal or intimate relationships developing.  Whilst we encourage employees to accept that these relationships are normal, we shall also be looking at the implications of when these relations overspill into affecting the workplace, as well as exploring the need for a Workplace Relationship policy to be clear on the company’s stance.


Deloitte Propel Building Business Resilience | HR Solutions

Building Business Resilience

Deloitte Propel and HR Solutions have joined forces to host a one hour webinar which provides advice and support for start-ups and SMEs on building business resilience in times of uncertainty.  The session will cover best practice for financial management, ways of building a long lasting sustainable business and mitigating potential impacts of an ever changing business landscape (including the support available during Covid-19 for small businesses such as Furlough, Grants, Loans).

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eLearning and the Future of Work | HR Solutions

eLearning and the Future of Work

Steve Walker, CEO and Founder of IMPROVE, discusses the future of work and how organisations need to think differently about how training and development is delivered in the future, due to the changing dynamics of more employees working from home; as well as a growing increase in younger employees with different learning styles.

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Returning to Work, Emerging Stronger | HR Solutions | Engagement Multiplier

Returning to Work: Emerging Stronger

What lessons have we learned during the COVID crisis to prepare our companies to emerge stronger than ever from lockdown?  Stefan Wissenbach, Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Engagement Multiplier, shares ideas and tactics leaders can use to identify and operationalise wins in performance and innovation, as well as actions to define and solidify the purpose that unites the team.

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Returning to Work | Coronavirus | Health and Safety | HR Solutions

Return to Work:
Practical Guidance for Employers

We discuss the practical issues a company needs to consider including: un-furloughing staff; resource requirements; and any associated redundancy or lay-off considerations post furlough. We also discuss the practical steps to consider when employees are returning to their normal place of work, which is likely to still include some social distancing. HR Solutions are joined by Dean Howells, Managing Director, from Essential Safety who will discuss practical steps to consider and risk assessments you can undertake on your working environment before you can allow employees to return to the workplace.

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Recruitment Candidate Experience | HR Solutions

The Importance of the Candidate Experience

In this webinar HR Solutions will be talking with TeamTailor about the importance of the candidate experience and provide some top tips as to how to improve your candidate experience.

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Managing Home Workers | HR Information Systems | HR Solutions

Managing Home Workers:
The Use of HR Information Systems

HR Solutions are joined by our guest presenters BreatheHR to talk about the importance of using online HR Information Systems to help manage employees who are working from home, and to support business continuity. There is also a demonstration on the capabilities of Breathe HR, highlighting the key features of the system.

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Managing Home Workers | Promote Health and Wellbeing | HR Solutions

Managing Home Workers:
Practical Tips to Promote Health and Well-being

HR Solutions discuss practical tips on how to promote the health and well-being of employees working from home. We are supported by guest presenter Health Matters a leading provider of Employee Assistance Programmes.

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Managing Home Workers | Working From Home and Winning | HR Solutions

Managing Home Workers:
Working From Home and Winning

The coronavirus epidemic has brought about a time of extraordinary change and uncertainty for small businesses and their employees. In this webinar we are joined by Stefan Wissenbach from Engagement Multiplier who presents on how to help your home workers to be truly engaged and productive, as well as encourages you to ask the right questions, and provide the right support to them.

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Good Work Plan | Webinar | HR Solutions

Good Work Plan:
Contractual Changes and Implementation

HR Solutions review the Good Work Plan that has been published on the back of the Taylor Review, and the key elements of legislation that impact on the need to make contractual and policy changes.

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Virtual Employment Law Seminar | HR Solutions

Virtual Employment Law Seminar
25 March 2020

Due to recent events in relation to coronavirus, we presented our Employment Law Seminar virtually this year.  You can watch the webinar recording to find out about recent and forthcoming changes to UK Employment Law. Throughout the session we aimed to make it interactive through audience participation in questions and answers and polls.  In this online seminar we discussed all current and future employment law topics including:

  • Current Issues – Coronavirus, IR35, Jack’s Law, Good Work Plan
  • Upcoming Employment Legislation
  • Interesting Cases.
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IR35 Webinar | Employment Law | HR Solutions

IR35: Overview and HR Implications

With the changes to IR35 extending to the private sector in April 2020, we discuss the implications of these changes, as well as how to review your exposure to these changes. In addition, we discuss strategies as to how to retain the access to the skilled contractors that you have been used to engaging.

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Coronavirus Advice and Guidance for Employers | HR Solutions | Webinar

Coronavirus: Advice and Guidance for Employers

HR Solutions will presented a short webinar on March 9th 2020 to discuss the latest advice about coronavirus (COVID-19) to employers and give you essential steps you can take to manage the impact on your business.  Watch this webinar recording to get the information about what you need to do to be ready.

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Interesting HR Cases 2019 - HR Solutions - Webinar

Interesting Cases of 2019
Employment Law

We reflect on some of the big employment cases in 2019. We’ll paint the scene, break down what the court ruling said and consider what we can learn from them about the way we manage our employees. We’ll also look at some cases which ended up with individuals having to pay out of their own pocket – and not just managers, but employees who went rogue too.

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Grievances - Top HR Tips - HR Solutions - Webinar

Grievances |  Top HR Tips

In this webinar we are going to give some valuable tips and will run through a checklist of key things that every manager can get right to help ensure a grievance is handled properly. Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints that employees raise with their employers. Sometimes, and in fact ideally, these concerns are best approached informally. But sometimes they need to be handled formally and especially if they are serious. Good line management skills are essential for handling grievances correctly and for minimising the risk that the problems worsen or even result in a claim. 

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HR Webinar Library - HR Solutions - Free HR Advice

HR Webinar Library
Free HR Webinars | Free HR Advice

For lots more free HR advice, take a look at our webinar library where you can watch previous recordings, on demand and at your convenience. Recent HR webinar topics include: Supporting Mental Health at Work; 4 Types of Discrimination; Brexit HR and Employment Law.

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