HR Solutions Webinar:
The New Threat to Company Culture Post Covid

You’ve already had a year of nasty, unexpected surprises. Do you really want more?  Our guest presenter Steve Middleton at Engagement Multiplier says, “In almost every conversation I have with business leaders and HR professionals, their concerns are clear. Company cultures are hard-pressed to keep up with the huge changes in employees’ expectations of their employers – and the new trends in employee engagement. With so much changing so quickly, I’m sure you have questions to which you need straightforward answers and solutions – now.”
Steve joins us to share insights about the new threats that you need to know about and get ahead of.  During the webinar, Steve will focus on the four forces that pose the biggest threat to businesses just like yours in 2021:
  • FATIGUE: Rising burnout and exhaustion, leading to employee fragility,
  • MISALIGNMENT: Rapidly growing misalignment between employers and employees,
  • RESISTANCE: Disconnect around returning to the workplace,
  • MISUNDERSTANDING: Employee expectations have dramatically changed.
Whether your business is growing, been forced to reduce staff numbers or are preparing for the return of furloughed staff, getting this right is critical on a number levels.  Steve’s presentation is followed by questions and answers – and having worked with hundreds of organisations, he is perfectly positioned to provide insight about the current challenges facing leaders from both the business and people perspectives.  He is also making available a completely FREE COVID-19 culture check on your business and access to a copy of their latest, compelling whitepaper – hot off the press after extensive research.

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