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New visa schemes to enter the UK to work

The government have introduced new visas for working in the UK.

Global business mobility visa

This Global business mobility visa which came into force 11 April 2022 provides an individual with the option of five different routes in which they can apply to work in the UK under this scheme:

Senior or specialist worker

This Senior or specialist worker visa replaces the Intra Company Transfer visa and requires the individual to have 12 months prior overseas employment (unless a higher earner).

Graduate trainee

This graduate visa replaces the Intra Company Transfer Graduate Trainee and is for workers on graduate training courses with work placements within the UK.

UK expansion worker

This is a new visa and is for businesses wishing to expand to the UK but are not yet trading in the UK. It replaces the overseas business route and can provide leave of up to one year which can be extended to two. It is aimed at Senior managers overseas or specialist employees with 12 months service.

Service supplier

The new service supplier visa route which provides self employed professionals or those employed by overseas service providers to work in the UK. It allows for a placement of up to six months. If employed by an overseas service provider, then that provider cannot have a presence already in the UK.

Secondment worker

The secondment worker visa applies to overseas workers who wish to become seconded to their UK employer as part of a high value contract or investment.

High potential individual visa

From 30 May 2022, this route will become available to overseas university graduates from the top 50 institutions. This visa will provide leave for up to two, or three years for those with a PhD however, it cannot lead to settlement in the UK afterwards, as some can. The individual must have a bachelors degree or above equivalent qualification gained within the past five years. English language is a requirement, and they can work in any role.

Scale up visa

From 22 August 2022, this visa will become available to talented individuals recruited by a UK scale up, or sponsor and that this person has the required skills required to enable the scale up business to continue growing.

The visa is initially for a period of 2 years however a sponsor is only required for the first six months. Due to the nature of the visa and its purpose, it will require skill level RQF level 6 along with a minimum salary of either £33,000 or the going rate, whichever is the highest. This visa will allow the individual to apply for settlement at the end.

Homes for Ukraine visa

This new emergency visa was brought in last month and runs alongside the Ukraine Family Scheme, which had already been in place. This new visa is for those fleeing Ukraine and who do not have any family connection within the UK.

It is a sponsored humanitarian route into the UK and allows for individuals, charities and other organisations to become sponsors. The visa would provide up to 3 years living and working in the UK.

Further Information

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