In the modern age, businesses large and small have a challenge to not only help develop their employees, but to also ensure compliance with the various requirements of employment legislation.  What’s the cost of getting it wrong?  How do you get it right?

The cost of getting it wrong


  • Falling foul of legislation could result in a high level of compensation and legal fees.
  • It will also have a negative impact on your organisation, which could affect your organisations ability to recruit new staff and secure new clients.

Supply Chain

  • The impact of a breach of legislation by an organisations supply chain can also have a negative impact on a organisation.
  • Organisations are now attempting to ensure that their supply chain is also compliant with legislation and best practice.
  • This will result in all organisations needing to have some form of process to demonstrate their approach to the various pieces of legislation and best practice initiatives.

How to get it right

Risk Management and Compliance

Most defences to any breach of legislation rely on having adequate measures in place. This includes:

  • Policies
  • Training
  • Reviews


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