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Deloitte announces a 16-week family leave package for staff

By September 23, 2016July 25th, 2019Case Review, Current Affairs
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Deloitte has announced a family leave program, which comes into effect immediately, and aims to support staff who have care responsibilities – whether that is looking after a new baby, or caring for an elderly parent during the later stages of their life.

Both male and female members of staff will be entitled to anything up to 16 weeks of leave under the new scheme.

Deloitte hope that this new initiative shows that they understand the changing dynamics of the modern family relating to work-life balance, and also that the company are dedicated to meeting the needs of their staff to ensure their wellbeing at all times.

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It is thought that this new scheme will give staff the time that they need to spend with their families during an otherwise difficult and stressful period. It removes one stressful factor – work – from what they are having to deal with at home. They are able to just focus on the situation, which should improve their ability to deal with it.

One major reason that this plan has been put into place is Deloitte’s determination to be innovative when it comes to new schemes to help support staff members. The scheme encourages a supportive atmosphere within the workplace, and allows all staff to feel as though they are being supported by their employer.

Not only is this likely to have a positive impact on the staff as individuals, but also on the company as a whole in the long term. Staff morale is likely to rise, which will inevitably have a positive knock-on effect on productivity. It will also help to strengthen staff loyalty and retention.

It still remains to be seen what the overall and long term effects of this scheme will be. However, it seems likely that Deloitte are setting a trend that will continue, as more and more companies realise that by investing in the wellbeing of their staff, they are also giving themselves as a company, the best possible chance of success and growth in the future.

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