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Recruiter email accusing jobseeker of lying on CV sent to him by mistake

By May 24, 2017March 21st, 2019Current Affairs
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A shocked jobseeker inadvertently received an email revealing that a recruitment company believed he’d lied on his CV.

Pedro Da Silva had applied for a job as supply chain manager in Birmingham. But he received an email saying he was ‘bull s***ing’ on his CV.

CV details didn’t match candidate’s LinkedIn

The recruiter at Russell James Recruitment had intended to send the email internally. It said that Mr Da Silva had no “buying experience” and he’d lied about his previous work experience. Mr Da Silva said he’d felt shocked at the email, which he described as unprofessional. He also added that he had in no way lied on his CV.

Russell James Recruitment has since apologised to Mr Da Silva and took disciplinary action against the member of staff. The recruitment firm said that staff had noticed that information on Mr Da Silva’s CV did not match his LinkedIn profile.

‘Worth an interview for a laugh’

Unfortunately, other job applicants have also received critical emails by mistake. One graduate job seeker discovered that a recruiter called her a “home-educated oddball” and “worth an interview for a laugh”. She received the email in error after she applied for a job with Tecomak Environmental Services.

Such mistakes can never be good for a business’s reputation – do therefore ensure that recruiters are trained to take care to retain the confidentiality of applications, and that these are processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

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