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Crispin Rhodes is now in partnership with HR Solutions.  We are pleased to say that Angela Rhodes and her team have joined HR Solutions as part of this strategic partnership.  It is business as usual for all of Crispin Rhodes’ clients, who now have the option of additional HR and health and safety services.

HR Solutions supplies outsourced HR support to clients from small care agencies to multi-national technology firms; with over 450 clients in a wide range of industries including financial services, charitable, medical and hospitality sectors. Services available include HR health checks, bespoke documentation and handbooks as well as employment and health and safety advice.  Find out more about HR Solutions via the History page.

Angela Rhodes and Greg Guilford are both excited by this strategic partnership, and what it means to the clients of Crispin Rhodes.

Here is what Angela Rhodes had to say about the new partnership:

“I was approached by HR Solutions and quickly realised that this would be a great opportunity, not only for both of our businesses, but also my clients. My clients still have me and my team as their familiar point of contact and access to the same services they have always had, but also the option of additional services I could never offer them, such as payroll, recruitment services and the provision of training courses. Also, with a larger team comes fast response times and access to a wealth of HR Advisors and Consultants for support.”

“Whether you need help finding and retaining the best people, freeing yourself from HR admin, or tackling those thorny HR challenges that crop up from time-to-time – we’ll create the perfect package for you, free from bloat and unnecessary cost.  And that’s not all. Creating the perfect employee culture relies on lots of little parts coming together. That’s why we’ve partnered with some amazing businesses to deliver everything you need to get the best from your people.”

Greg Guilford, Chief Executive Officer of HR Solutions, added:

“We are incredibly excited both by this strategic partnership and to welcome Angela and her team on board with us. This move is part of a wider growth plan to establish a greater presence in the East Midlands and we look forward to meeting with Angela’s clients and getting to know them and their businesses.”

Angela Rhodes | Rhonda Angela Greg - Crispin Rhodes and HR Solutions

Photo:  Rhonda Murray, HR Advisor, Crispin Rhodes; Angela Rhodes, HR Client Services Director, Crispin Rhodes; Greg Guilford, CEO, HR Solutions

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