HR Solutions Webinar:  Human Resources and its role in demonstrating compliance in modern business

In this webinar recording, we will look at some of the key pieces of legislation that affect the modern business and it’s duty to ensure compliance.

Modern day businesses large or small will be affected by this legislation, as well as best practice initiatives. This is because as organisations seek compliance internally, they will also filter these compliance requirements into their supply chain, and expect that their suppliers’ supply chain is also compliant. This will ultimately result in smaller organisations having to demonstrate compliance to be able to tender for and win new business.

The raft of legislation that affects the modern-day business is really to stamp out bad practices and unethical behaviour. HR roles in ensuring compliance will be based on policies, procedures, and training.

Some of the legislation we discuss includes:

• Criminal Finance Act
• Anti-Bribery
• Modern Slavery
• Gender Pay
• Equality and Diversity

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