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HR Solutions’ eLearning and HR Policy Compliance system will enable you to demonstrate compliance by easily and cost-effectively:

✓  Rolling out your company’s policies to all staff via a bespoke online portal
✓  Delivering a series of eLearning courses, and
✓  Running real-time progress reports to be able to demonstrate compliance.

The real-time progress reports provide great evidence to use when your organisation is undergoing an ISO accredited standard.  Providing high-level reports can also be an effective part of your tendering process to provide proof and assurance to your potential clients.

Get the benefit of real-time reports on:

✓  Outstanding policy acceptance
✓  Policy review dates
✓  Outstanding eLearning modules
✓  eLearning modules taken.


Find out how eLearning and HR Compliance can benefit your business, by completing the form below.  One of our team will call you back to discuss suitable options.

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