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Top 10 Places to Work 2014

By July 8, 2014July 27th, 2015HR Research
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Google, The British Heart Foundation and Oxfam are named amongst the top ten companies to work for in terms of work-life balance, according to job search site

In a time or austerity, where financial benefits are no longer the sole factor for those searching for jobs, companies who offer other employee benefits such as healthcare, childcare and other non-financial employee benefits are becoming more attractive options for workers. With the new changes to flexible working schemes, this could prove to be an important consideration when applying for jobs.

Google are known for their wide range of employee benefits. Amongst the known employee benefits at Google in the UK include on-site healthcare, additional holidays and spending money for new parents, travel and medical insurance, reimbursement for degrees and additional learning and more whilst the other less well-known or rumoured employee benefits (to those outside Google) include free meals, on-site hairdressers, gyms and more. These non-financial benefits not only prove beneficial to the employers, keeping them happy and motivated, but they also ensure a high retention of staff for Google and other benefits of having a workforce who are happy in their jobs.

Whilst charities and smaller companies may not be able to offer benefits on the same scale as global force Google, The British Heart Foundation is able to offer its employees a wide range of products and schemes. Amongst their employee benefits are 30 days holiday, the choice between a contribution to a gym membership, full private dental or private healthcare, interest free bike and season ticket loans and more. These types of non-financial benefits provide a boost to employees which keep them loyal to the charity, with further benefits offered as long service rewards.

Companies who are unable to provide boosts in terms of bonuses and salary should consider the wide range of non-financial employee benefits which are available in order to improve the work-life balance of employees and make them feel more valued and motivated to stay with the company.

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