HR Solutions Webinar:  Minimising Risk – Safer Recruitment

Questions around how employment law affects recruitment and selection, are common. The key areas to be mindful of in relation to safer recruitment, are discrimination and data protection. Legislation relating to equality should inform all safe recruitment practices. The GDPR puts a fresh angle and tighter controls in legislation relating to confidentiality and recruitment privacy notices.

Watch the webinar recording where we will provide safer recruitment guidelines and checklists to ensure your methods are compliant with employment law and HR trends including data, diversity and unconscious bias in recruitment.

In this safer recruitment webinar, we will cover

  • Tips on employment law and recruitment
  • Internal recruitment
  • Safe adverts and interview questions
  • Safe candidate vetting process
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance.

Fixed Fee Recruitment

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Risk Management and Compliance

Most defences to any breach of employment legislation rely on having adequate measures in place to manage policy acceptance, staff training and reviews.   HR Solutions’ E-Learning and HR Compliance system will enable you to effectively demonstrate compliance by easily and cost-effectively:

  • Rolling out your policies to all staff via an online portal
  • Delivering a series of e-learning courses and
  • Running real-time progress reports to be able to demonstrate compliance.

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