HR Solutions Webinar:  Minimising Risk – Gross Misconduct

‘Gross misconduct’ is a common phrase and the question ‘Is it gross misconduct?’ is also very common on our HR Advice Line. But did you realise that gross misconduct dismissals notoriously fail to stand up in an employment tribunal? Did you know that you may not ‘sack on the spot’ even if gross misconduct seems clear cut?

In this free HR webinar, we discuss some procedural requirements that are specific c to gross misconduct cases. The majority of this webinar will focus on factors which determine whether misconduct may legally be regarded as ‘gross’. We will also provide you with key principles that must always be taken into consideration to significantly minimise the risk of a gross misconduct dismissal.

We will cover:

  • Factors which determine gross misconduct
  • How and when to suspend
  • Rights during suspension
  • Gross misconduct allegations
  • Wording the dismissal letter.


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