How exit interviews can improve staff retention

Employee resignations, regardless of the seniority of the role, will always have an impact on your organisation. Talent shortages as a result of ‘The Great Resignations are affecting multiple industries, meaning it’s difficult to replace team members, so businesses need to think differently when it comes to retention and attraction.

Employee engagement and retention are key strategies to required to keep top talent. Listening to, training and developing your teams is the best way to ensure resignations don’t become an issue.

However, no one knows your business quite like your employees, and there may be an area your business isn’t succeeding on that you’re not yet aware of.

If you’re experiencing high staff turnover, then something isn’t working.

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One of the best ways to uncover any reoccurring issues is by conducting exit interviews. It’s a common misconception that its ‘too little too late’ after an employee has handed in their letter of resignation.

But understanding their reasons for leaving will help you to work through those reasons, and ensure other team members don’t follow suit. The loss of a team member can be productive if it helps you to keep your top staff.

If carried out correctly, exit interviews will add value to your company culture and staff performance.

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Many of our clients trust our team to carry out their exit interviews. It breaks down barriers, and allows an honest, open conversation. After all, if the reason an employee is leaving is due to their line manager, they are unlikely to share this feedback directly with them.

Every business is different, which is why we’ll work with you on a project plan based on your needs, to help you turn the loss of team members into a positive.

We’ve developed a framework to identify any trends in employee sentiment, so that we can provide you with detailed analysis and clear action points.

We’ll work with you to put in place a strategy to reduce turnover and improve team culture.

Exit Interviews: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Exit Interview project work?

  • We’ll arrange a call with your team to understand your challenges, so that we can find a solution to work for you.
  • We’ll create a bespoke questionnaire based on your needs, which will be shared with employees who have resigned from their roles.
  • We’ll contact each individual and conduct the exit interview by working through the questionnaire to identify the reasons why they are leaving.
  • We’ll deliver an in-depth monthly or quarterly report (based on your needs) which will help to identify patterns.
  • We’ll provide you with clear action points using the analysis, and work with you to put a strategy in place to address the feedback.

What are the likely outcomes of the Exit Interview project?

It’s likely there will be some commonality in responses from employees. These could be:

  • Culture
  • Salary
  • Flexibility
  • Employee work/life balance
  • Progression
  • Management/senior leadership

The reasons may differ from your own predictions, which is why it’s important to provide a safe space for employees to be honest and forthcoming.

Why should I work with HR Solutions to conduct Exit Interviews?

Exit interviews are a valuable tool, but only if they are carried out correctly. They should present a safe opportunity for employees to provide honest feedback, otherwise there is no purpose to them at all.

Our team of experts will approach each conversation in a positive manner; explain why the company values the employee’s feedback; and gather and analyse the data for you.

By using an external partner, employees are much more likely to be more forthcoming with feedback, particularly if there is a sensitive issue with their line manager, or if misconduct has taken place.

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy on how to address the themes we identify. For example if the feedback is surrounding salaries and it isn’t possible to increase those salaries, we can work with you on alternative incentives and plans for development and progression that will meet your employees expectations.

We also offer training to managers at all levels with CPD courses focused on specific areas, and also ILM 3 and ILM 5 – effective management training programmes which help your people leaders to be more successful at engaging their teams.

Through our HR Retainer Packages, we can work with you on an ongoing basis to engage your teams and implement benefits and policies which will improve employee retention.

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