HR Solutions Webinar:
Virtual Employment Law Seminar

Due to recent events in relation to coronavirus, we presented our Employment Law Seminar virtually in March this year. Throughout the webinar we aimed to make it interactive through audience participation in questions and answers and polls.  We discussed all current and future employment law topics including:

  • Current Issues – Coronavirus, IR35, Jack’s Law, Good Work Plan
  • Upcoming Employment Legislation
  • Interesting Cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Webinar Slides

Parental Bereavement Leave

  • Are we able to give more than two weeks parental bereavement leave?
    Yes, of course, you can even pay full pay if you wish.
  • I have a new starter starting on 1st April 2020, do I need to give them the new style contract?
    No, only starters on or after 6th April 2020. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, you may of course wish to defer a start date.


  • I have an employee who is classed as being high risk, should they be self-isolating and what are their entitlements if they do?
    The current advice from the government is that people who are classed as high risk should reduce social contact for a period of up to 3 months. If they choose to self-isolate they would be entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP) from day 1. It may be possible for you to agree for them to work remotely or take paid annual leave.
  • Can I force employees to take paid holiday if we are forced to shut down?
    Whilst you cannot force employees to take their annual leave at this time, you can advise them of the situation the business is in and other potential scenarios.  Unless you give them twice as much notice as the length of leave you wish them to take, i.e. 4 weeks’ notice for two weeks leave.  It is worth checking your employment contract for short time working and lay off clauses which can be utilised in situations like this.
  • What are the arrangements or entitlements for staff on zero-hour contracts?
    In order to minimise the risk of falling foul of the Part Time Workers Regulations (which zero hours will fall under), or of running the risk of a potential discrimination claim, contractual benefits should be the same (pro rata) as for full-time colleagues.Zero Hours employees have a right to National Minimum Wage and paid holiday. Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is available to zero hours contract workers as long as:
    – They’ve done some work for you.
    – They follow your rules about reporting sickness
    – They earn on average at least £118 per week (before tax).
    You would need to work out if they have earned £118 or more or less in the eight weeks prior; if they have less than eight week’s service, it would be the average since day one.

Further HR Guidance and Support

For coronavirus articles, webinar recording and frequently asked questions visit our dedicated page, Coronavirus Advice and Guidance for Employers.  You can also visit the  Good Work Plan page for further guidance on key changes to several pieces of UK legislation that are in force from April 2020.

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