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Managing the Upcoming Employment Law Changes

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New data has shown that more than 90% of HR professionals don’t fully understand the implications of forthcoming changes to UK employment law. The changes, being proposed by the Government surrounding the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, are daunting and confusing for many.

As part of leaving the European Union, the 2018 European Union (Withdrawal) Act was introduced, which resulted in an agreement being made between the European Union and the UK to allow the UK to retain most EU legislation in its domestic legislation even after Brexit.

Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill

On 22 September 2022, the UK Government announced a new Bill – the Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill – that if passed, would overturn this position. It would mean that most retained EU laws would cease to remain in force and every clause within the Bill will require agreement, change or deletion.

Since this government announcement, we have seen an influx of clients with concerns about what this will mean for their business.

Furthermore, our latest SME Business Survey showed 44% of participants admit that they need further support on employment law. And in a recent survey carried out by our parent company, Worknest, 93% of HR professionals admitted they do not fully understand the implications of the EU Reform Bill, despite the implications it might have on all businesses.

2022/23 SME Business Survey

Each year we use the SME Business Survey results to shape the support we offer to clients and the wider business community. These results give us a much better understanding of how the SME market is feeling and reacting to everything within their industries.

You can download your own copy of our 2022/23 SME Business Survey report, free of charge, here.

Upcoming Webinar

To further support businesses with this piece of legislation, we will be hosting a webinar on 11th May entitled EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill – what is it likely to mean for employers?

The session will offer the latest update on the Bill’s progression through parliament and talk through the areas of employment which are likely to see significant change.

If you would like to sign up for this webinar, you can do so here.

Expert insight

Our CEO, Greg Guilford said: “We highly recommend that if you are unsure about anything surrounding employment legislation, you should prioritise seeking expert advice and training. For employers, employment law governs what you can ask of your staff, what you are expected to provide, and what constitutes an employee’s official rights at work so it is vital that you have a clear understanding of what is required on both sides.

“The EU reform bill is predicted to have a huge impact on businesses and because of this, we have created a dedicated Employment Law Reform Hub to keep business owners informed and share guidance on what steps you should be taking to protect yourself, your business and your employees.”

Employment Law Reform Hub

The Employment Law Reform Hub is one of the outcomes of the survey. In it, we share news updates, and subject matter articles so that business owners can quickly stay updated and find all the information they need, conveniently in one place.

To access the hub, simply visit our dedicated page, here.

2023 Employment Law Seminar

Last month we hosted our annual Employment Law Seminar where more than 300 attendees interacted with our HR experts, covering the key areas of employment law that matter most to them.

If you missed the live session, you can watch it on demand, here.

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