2023 Employment Law Seminar

With an already challenging employment climate, and with potentially significant and challenging employment changes to come, HR Solutions and their team of qualified HR practitioners will guide you through the changes ahead.

In addition to exploring what lies ahead for business in 2023, we shall also cover the significant employment law developments from 2022 that have challenged many businesses since.

We shall share our thoughts on the best practical way in which they can be dealt with.

Here are just some areas that we shall focus on during the event:

  1. 2023 statutory rates and what it means for budgets.
  2. Understanding exclusivity clauses in contracts of employment and why they are prohibited.
  3. The International Labour Organisation’s Violence and Harassment Convention.
  4. Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill and what it is likely to mean for employers
  5. Developments on holiday pay, including how to calculate holiday pay for those with irregular hours, following the Harpur Trust v Brazel 2022 judgement.
  6. Employment status – mutual obligations and control.
  7. Agency workers and job vacancies.

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