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Health and Safety Update December 2020

Health and Safety Update December 2020 | HR Solutions

Covid-19 Secure Spot Checks

HSE is continuing to conduct spot checks and inspections to ensure workplaces are Covid-19 secure.  Their inspections will enable businesses to seek further advice on how to manage the risks, protect workers, customers, and visitors.

Participation in the spot checks is critical, and so where there is failure to do so, could lead to enforcement.

You can find out more about their spot checks, and what you can expect by reading the HSE guidance.

You can also carry out our H&S Risk and Compliance Audit which will help you to identify any further areas of action in regards to health and safety in your workplace.


Work Related Stress, Anxiety or Depression in Great Britain 2020

The Health and Safety Executive have published statistics on work related stress, anxiety or depression for 2020. A staggering 51% of all work-related ill health in the 2019/20 year were attributed to stress, depression, or anxiety.

We will be running two webinars early 2021 to explore mental health which will focus on managing it from both a health and safety perspective as well as an absence management perspective. You can register for our webinars via our Upcoming Webinars page.


Minimising Risks to Workers During the Festive Period

For some sectors, Christmas can be the busiest time of year, especially for those who work in haulage and distribution, which will see employees lifting heavy parcels and moving them around distribution centres and across the country. Good manual handling is important in the prevention of injury. The HSE have a step-by-step guide to manual handling that will help you to manage the risks associated to this.


Health and Safety after Brexit

Much of our health and safety legislation is derived from EU law, and although the UK have now left the EU, a UK employers’ obligations in respect of health and safety remains the same.

From 1 January 2021, it will be for the UK Government to create new legislation or amend existing laws, however, we do not expect to see too many changes next year, especially as we are still in a pandemic.


Further HSE Support

HR Solutions’ Health, Safety and Environment division, called HSE Solutions, provides you with access to a Competent Person to help de-risk your working environment from accidents. To find out more about how our HSE Solutions service can help your business, visit or call us on 0844 324 5840.

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