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Free HR, Health and Safety Risk Audits

As part of our service offering to you we have created several online risk and compliance audits to help identify and minimise risks for your business.  Falling foul of your legal obligations as an employer could result in a high level of compensation fees for your organisation.

These free risk audits will help you to minimise risks for your organisation.  They take about 15 minutes each to complete, and you will then automatically receive an email with an actionable report for your organisation.

Start your risk audit by selecting from the following:

As an example, of the types of questions asked, sections of the HR Risk and Compliance Audit ask for information about: your type of business, number of employees, business locations, employment terms and conditions, holiday and hours or work, pay, pensions and auto-enrolment, recruitment, references, probation, disciplinary and grievance, dismissals and redundancy, equal opportunities, family rights, bullying and harassment, IT usage and personnel files.

Risk and Compliance Report

HR Solutions aims to provide you with tailored advice and resources to help minimise risks for your business.  Employment legislation and health and safety regulations change regularly and ensuring compliance requires constantly being kept up to date with the laws that affect the workplace.

The risk and compliance audits are quick and easy to complete.

We will review your answers and provide you with a bespoke report.

Your report will identify risks to you as a business and provide guidance and support as to how to de-risk these areas of concern.

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