Age Friendly Project

Malvern Hills and Wychavon District Councils have received more than £283,000 from the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund to support a range of activities to boost skills, help businesses grow and support people into work as part of the Upskilling in Malvern Hills and Wychavon project.

As part of the programme, Cherington HR and HR Solutions have been appointed to provide support to employers based in the Malvern Hills and Wychavon districts to develop age-friendly working practices. In addition to 1:1 business support, these documents have been developed to help businesses introduce relevant policies and practices to recruit and retain older employees where they wish to remain in the workforce.

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Age Discrimination


Employers who discriminate on grounds of age are breaking the law. This article covers information specific to discrimination on grounds of age.

Managing Retirement


Employers are increasingly moving towards greater flexibility for those who are in the years leading up to retirement; whether it is to support those who wish to combine work with other activities, phase their retirement or simply work longer.

Absence due to illness or injury


This document is a key policy in terms of managing absence fairly and consistently within your business. It covers all types of illness (during the working day, short-term, long-term, illness due to pregnancy, illness whilst on holiday, whilst having IVF, elective treatment etc) as well as setting out your arrangements for absence reporting and payments during absence.

Age Friendly Employer


Older employees can bring experience, deep knowledge, and level of skill valuable for an employer and so this template policy is developed to help you build an organisational culture that embraces an aging workforce.  This policy will help you do this by addressing how you will approach recruitment, promotions, training and development, health and wellbeing, retirement planning. 

Diversity Policy


This document goes one step further than a basic equal opportunity policy (which reflects compliance with the law) by positively encouraging a more diverse workforce. 

Flexible Working


This document outlines the procedure that your employees should follow if they wish to make a formal request for flexible working, it offers useful guidance for managers to enable them to deal with this in a consistent and fair way. 



This document sets out how an employer can support employees undergoing the menopause. 

Recruitment and Selection


This document sets out the way in which you will conduct recruitment activities within your business. 



There is no longer a statutory default retirement age and employees may “retire” at an age of their choosing, unless you operate an Employer Justified Retirement Age (EJRA) (this is rare and normally restricted to particular roles).  This policy therefore aims to set out how you will manage the process of retirement.  

Training and Development


This document can be used to set out the range of training and development activities within your business.  

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