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SME Video Series

Welcome to the HR Solutions SME Video Series! This video series will feature relevant content on the key topic areas that matter most to your business.

These areas of interest include our top tips when recruiting, COVID – 19, employee retention and much more.

Stay updated with this page over the coming months as we will be adding free content which you can apply to your own business.

These short videos have been created to offer you a helpful series as an extra level of support to all SMEs, in addition to our monthly webinars which you can also watch on demand, at your convenience, here.

Top Tips when Recruiting


In our first video in the series, we take a look at the area of recruitment and in particular, what the top tips for recruiting are.

Why an EVP is important to an SME


An Employee Value Proposition can be an important tool for your business to utilize.

If used correctly, the EVP can offer multiple benefits to both the employee, and the employer.

Discover more about how an EVP works, and what an EVP could mean for your business in our latest video.

Working safely with COVID – 19


As we move on from the pandemic and regulation adjustments that we have all experienced over the past two years, we are now faced with the reality of living with the COVID – 19 virus.

In this video, we explore the practical ways in which you can continue to work safely, with COVID – 19 and the procedures that need to be followed to ensure that everyone is safe.

Employee Retention


As the great resignation has proven to many businesses, the importance of retaining top talent within your business is now more important than ever.

In this video we look at the key areas to focus on to retain your employees.

Why create a People Plan


In our latest video in the SME Video Series, we look at people planning.

We explore how a people plan can be used and the difference that correctly implementing one can make to a business.

How to write disciplinary allegations


Disciplinary allegations are often a grey area for many businesses. When an allegation is made, it is crucial that the correct procedures are followed to ensure the success of the process.

In this latest edition to our SME Business Video Series, we examine exactly how to write disciplinary allegations to ensure their effectiveness.

Everything you need to know about job descriptions


Creating the perfect job description that clearly outlines what is expected from your employee can be hugely beneficial to finding the right candidate for your available role.

In this video we examine everything that you need to know, when writing a job description.

Person Specifications


In our latest addition to the SME Video Series, we get to grips with how a person specification can be used, and how they can have an impact on attracting the right candidates to your organisation.

Conducting right to work checks


In our latest SME Video Series video, we look at how you can conduct right to work checks professionally, and why it is important for them to be carried out.

Calculating holiday entitlement


Our SME Video Series continues with this informative video about exactly how you can calculate holiday entitlement for part-time employees, who work regular hours.

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