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Ethical veganism is a protected belief

ethical veganism

In a pivotal legal development, the Employment Tribunal (ET) has officially recognised ethical veganism as a protected belief under section 10 of the Equality Act 2010. In the case of Casamitjana v The League Against Cruel Sports, the Employment Tribunal (ET) acknowledged the status of ethical veganism as a protected belief under section 10 of the […]

Vegetarianism is not a philosophical belief under the Equality Act, but Veganism may be

Vegetarian Vegan | Discrimination | Philosophical Belief | Employment Law | HR Solutions

Conisbee v Crossley Farms and others  In this case, the employee (claimant) had been employed at Crossley Farms as a Waiter/Barman from April 2018 until he resigned on 30 August 2018 shortly after being called ‘gay’ because he was a vegetarian. The employee did not have qualifying service to claim ordinary unfair or constructive dismissal, […]

Could employers be fined for unfair or sexist dress codes?

sexist dress codes | HR Solutions

Flip flops or no flip flops?! Do you think shorts and flip flops are acceptable to wear in the office during hot weather? In a recent radio interview, with BBC Radio Northampton, our HR Knowledge Manager discussed whether it is ever OK to wear flipflops at work. Click on the play icon below to listen […]

How can we close the gender pay gap?

Gender Pay | HR Solutions

Back in July, the BBC found itself right in the centre of the UK’s gender pay gap debate. The corporation had published the salaries of its highest-paid employees, revealing the pay of some of its top earners. Examples included salaries of around £2.2m for Chris Evans and £1.75m for Gary Lineker. The revelations left the […]

Equal pay dispute sees £50m awarded to female council workers

Wallet with cards and cash money in

Thousands of female Glasgow City Council employees will share a pay out of up to £50million. The Court of Session determined that the women had missed out on large bonuses for a number of years. Furthermore, the employees suffered discrimination for three years while they attempted to resolve their equal pay claims. Unfair discrimination Approximately […]

Female employment at all-time high

Female Employment | HR Solutions

Female employment is the highest on record, with wage growth rising at its fastest pace in over a year. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the three months from the end of August last year saw 69.9% of 16 to 64-year-old women in work. This compares to 69.1% a year earlier, and the […]

Finance companies aim for third of senior roles filled by women

Female Employment | HR Solutions

Finance companies are hoping to have a third of senior management posts filled by women in the next five years. Firms signing up to the Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter, have set targets of 35% of management roles to be held by women. The current figure is 27%. The charter aims to encourage companies to […]

Are men more likely to be promoted into management

Women are less likely to be promoted at work and more likely to earn less than their male colleagues, according to data gathered by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Men also occupy more management jobs than women the higher up the business they go. In 2015 it was 40% more likely that men would be […]

Ministers urged to tackle Muslim unemployment inequality in the UK

Discrimination | HR Solutions

A House of Commons report has revealed that Muslim unemployment is the highest of all the ethnic and religious groups in the UK. The report by the Women and Equalities Committee, found that the average unemployment figure is 5.4%, but the figure among Muslims is 12.8%. The Employment Opportunities for Muslims in the UK report, […]

Female students anticipate a £3,000 gender pay gap after graduating

Despite female students achieving better grades and the majority of university places, they do not expect to earn as much as their male peers after graduation, the start of the gender pay gap. Female students have said that they expect to make over £3,300 a year less than male students in their first graduate post. […]

High heels and the workplace

sexist dress codes | HR Solutions

A House of Commons committee has been looking into workplace dress rules, this comes after a worker at an accountants in London, started an e-petition wanting a change in the law to stop employers making women have to wear high heels at work. The petition collected almost 150,000 signatures. Nicola Thorpe organised the High Heels […]

New English language requirements for public sector workers

English Language

Later this month, new English language requirements will come into force for public sector workers in customer facing jobs. From 21 November, public sector organisations must ensure that all of their employees who work in public facing roles are able to speak fluent English (English or Welsh if in Wales) under the Immigration Act 2016. […]

Recruitment agency criticised for sexist job adverts

Sexist Job Adverts

A London-based recruitment agency has found itself under fire for advertising sexist job adverts that not only state that just “beautiful” women should apply, but some adverts even go as far as requesting specific bra sizes. Matching Models posted sexist job adverts on their website looking for a flight attendant and PA, stating that applicants […]

Nicknames and Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in the Workplace | HR Solutions

An Employment Tribunal has awarded more than £63,000 to a salesperson nicknamed “Gramps” by his colleagues. The Tribunal found that Mr Dove suffered discrimination in the workplace and was ultimately dismissed because of his age. Mr Dove was a long-serving salesperson for a jewellery manufacturer before his dismissal at age 60. The Head of Sales […]

Obesity Can Now Be Considered A Disability

Woman holding up he hand in front of blurred people

The European Court has ruled that obesity can be categorised as a disability should it impede on a person’s ability to participate in work on an equal basis to their colleagues. Following a landmark decision by the European Court (CJEU) that could affect employment rights across Europe, a person suffering from obesity may now be […]

Obesity Ruling Could Have Immediate Impact

Tribunal Fees

A European court case about a Danish childminder who claims he was dismissed due to his weight could have lasting implications on the way obesity is classified and treated in the workplace. The Advocate General of the European Court has indicated that obesity in its own right could be treated as a disability if it […]

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