HR Solutions Webinar:

Why robust employment contracts are key to business success

Are you aware of the extent to which your employment contracts can affect your organisation? In recent years we have seen a significant shift in the way in which people are employed and a more modern way of operating has materialised.   Initially, this change was as a response to a worldwide emergency, supported by advancements in technology.  Now, it is widely recognised that business operations and the employment of people can be more flexible, benefiting not just the individual, but also the business.

As businesses have modernised, so must employment practices, and in particular, the way in which we employ people. Using the right type of contract of employment can not only help employers to attract the best talent, but they can also help with employee retention.

Gone are the days of such rigid and fixed working arrangements, so in this webinar, we will explore how a more modern way of working needs legally compliant contractual paperwork that underpins a more flexible and modern employment relationship.

We will cover:

  • how using the right type of contract or agreement can improve an organisation’s ability to recruit and retain
  • what the difference is between worker and employee, and when an employer may wish to use either of these employment status’
  • How different types of contracts can be used to support modern ways of working and adapt to modern day challenges.

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