A HR Solutions Webinar:  Minimising Risk – Absence Management

Balancing both compliance with employment law, and effective absence management at work can be a minefield for managers.  The range of HR hurdles which staff absence can cause is broad, to say the least; from awareness of AWOL (absence without leave) employee rights to tackling persistent short-term absence, and delicate long-term sickness cases. Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all approach to managing absence cases. In fact, the most appropriate approach to handle each of them can vary significantly.

Employment absence policies are a starting point, but practical absence management is where tribunal cases are lost and won. In this webinar, we’ll give you quick and actionable HR tips as well as some absence management strategies, which will reduce risk and support your business.

View the webinar recording to find out HR guidance on:

  • Managing an AWOL employee
  • When it is safe to assume resignation
  • Reducing persistent short-term absence
  • Legal tips on long-term absence management
  • When you can dismiss due to absence.

Risk Management and Compliance

Most defences to any breach of employment legislation rely on having adequate measures in place to manage policy acceptance, staff training and reviews.   HR Solutions’ E-Learning and HR Compliance system will enable you to effectively demonstrate compliance by easily and cost-effectively:

  • Rolling out your policies to all staff via an online portal
  • Delivering a series of e-learning courses and
  • Running real-time progress reports to be able to demonstrate compliance.

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