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Retained EU Law Reform Bill: Latest Update

Last month we created a dedicated content hub for all of the updates regarding the Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill. The Bill had its second reading as part of the parliamentary process on 25 October 2022 and is now subject to the Committee Stage.

The Commitee Stage

It is at this stage where a detailed examination of the Bill takes place. If the Bill becomes amended through this examination then it will be reprinted before the next stage.

Once the committee stage is finished, then the Bill will return to the House of Commons for the report stage.

It is at this point where the amended Bill will be debated and further amendments can be proposed.

Call for evidence

The House of Commons Public Bill Committee is inviting expertise and evidence on the Bill, which can be submitted online by 22 November 2022, although the Committee is requesting submissions are made sooner rather than later due to the risk of the Committee concluding its consideration of the Bill prior to 22 November.

Guidance for providing written or oral evidence is available here and you can submit your evidence to

What is in scope within this Bill?

Whilst this Bill will allow Parliament to amend, repeal and replace approximately 2,400 pieces of retained EU law, not all of these pieces relate to employment and health and safety.

It will also include legislation currently in force within the UK that deals with food standards, financial services and many other industries.

Employment Law Reform Hub

We will continue to keep you updated on developments relating to both employment and health and safety via our dedicated content hub.

You can read all of the latest updates on this subject, and stay up to date here.

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