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Key dates for HR and employment law in 2018

By February 14, 2018Legal Update, Top Tip
Whats Changing for HR 2018 | HR Solutions

What’s changing for HR in 2018 and what are the key dates to be aware of?


Everyone with an interest in employment law will need to be aware of important dates and key topical issues; most of which will affect many of us. Some are pivotal developments that could really change the scope of HR as we know it.

1st April – Minimum Wage
The annual minimum wage increases will be effective. Check if you have staff who will be affected, and also remember to pre-empt any birthdays that may be coming up that will push staff into the next band.

5th April – Gender Pay
Gender pay reports must all be available to the public to view. Organisations who have 250 or more staff must have published their gap on their own websites and submitted them to the government’s web page too.

6th April – Statutory Payments
Other statutory payments will increase. The lower earning limit will rise to £116 per week and eligible payments for things such as statutory maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental pay, will rise to £145.18.

6th April – Auto Enrolment
Auto-enrolment minimum contributions will be increasing to a total of 5% (2% to be made by the employer and 3% to be made by the member of staff).

25th May – GDPR
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become mandatory. The Regulation will apply to the UK post-Brexit, as the GDPR has been incorporated into the Data Protection Bill. It seeks to force organisations to take accountability for the data privacy and security, to unify rights across member states, and to modernise the law to reflect the digital age and modern use of personal data.


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