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GDPR – Document Retention

By March 9, 2018December 4th, 2018Legal Update, Top Tip
GDPR Toolkit | HR Solutions

The GDPR sets up additional requirements around retention of personal data.

We are being regularly asked by clients about the data retention periods for personal data, specifically around the personal data collected and processed during employment.  Therefore, we have created an easy to use guide to help quickly reference the different retention periods.

Document Retention Periods

It is important to note that the law of contract has a general limit of six years; therefore where documents may be relevant to a contractual claim, it is recommended that these be kept for a six year period. This limit does not apply to HMRC which has the power to go back indefinitely in exceptional cases.

However HMRC guidance advises employers to keep records for three years plus the current year and “longer if we ask you”.

Below you find a link to our guidance on Document Retention.

Guidance – Retention periods

This is an example of several documents that we provide to our clients that our either on a HR Retainer with HR Solutions or have opted to sign up for our HR Knowledge Base.

On our website we also have several tools available to help you prepare for GDPR, which can be found here:


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