Case Study:  Community Channel

TV Programmes and Documentaries

“Our experience with HR Solutions has been uniformly excellent.  Our HR Consultant is incredibly diligent, swift and helpful in supporting our needs. We get great value for money, unlimited HR advice and peace of mind.”


About Community Channel
Community Channel produces inspiring TV programmes and documentaries to motivate people to do more in their lives and for the lives of others. Their community stories focus on health, wellbeing, hobbies, food, local history and heritage. Community Channel are the world’s first supporter-owned national channel dedicated to improving lives.

Reasons for Choosing HR Solutions
First launched in 2000, Community Channel was re-stablished in 2016 as a community owned organisation.  Alexander Kann, Chief Executive at Community Channel said, “We needed to ensure that as an independent small channel starting afresh that we would retain and recruit staff that fitted in well with our organisation. We wanted a dedicated HR Consultant to help us ensure that we would have up to date staff policies and know how to effectively manage recruitment, redundancies and grievances if any arose.”

Overcoming Challenges
Community Channel needed to make significant savings in all its core functions including HR, IT and finance and we found that outsourcing these services to a monthly retainer service would give us the best value for money.

Most Positive Experience
Our dedicated account manager is incredibly diligent and has helped us review and set up HR policies, procedures and a bespoke handbook.  Outsourcing with HR Solutions has also enabled us to demonstrate best practise which gives assurance to our media partners who include BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and Virgin Media to name a few.

Great Results with HR Solutions
The responsiveness and value for money that we get from HR Solutions is excellent. Community Channel are able to run as lean as possible; this allows us to maximise our investments so we can focus on being a charitable activity showcasing the best of the community to educate and inspire. Our ambition is to create more distinctive programmes and distribute them globally.

Alexander Kann, Chief Executive
Community Channel

Community Channel | HR Solutions Case Study