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From recruitment consultant to X Factor contestant

By October 20, 2016Current Affairs
X Factor | HR Solutions

Just like with previous years, this current series of the X Factor has been getting a lot of press and media attention thanks to its quirky and at times controversial acts. One contestant who has been hitting the headlines fairly regularly is rapper Honey G.

Honey G is one of the contestants in X Factor mentor Sharon Osbourne’s over 25s category and has courted controversy with her act since the series began. She has split viewer opinion with not just her performances, but there have been accusations that she is not a genuine rapper and performer.

But away from the bright lights of television and all the controversy, Honey G is actually Anna Gilford, a businesswoman from Harrow in North West London, who runs her own recruitment consultancy and has a Masters in Management.

The press have taken quite an interest in Ms Gilford, who has been the Managing Director of ARG Search Ltd for the past five years, and her life and work away from the stage. Reporters have even been busy delving into her firm’s financial records, revealing that while she has received glowing reviews for her consultancy service on LinkedIn, the firm is only worth £1, according to records from Companies House.

For as long as Honey G stays in the show, it’s very likely that her performances and on-stage persona will continue to be a big talking point, in the press and on social media. But what is also likely to stay around for a while longer is the media fascination that behind the baseball cap and sunglasses is a quite a savvy and ambitious businesswoman.

It just goes to show that we really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


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