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Volunteering is a great way to boost your career prospects

By September 23, 2016March 21st, 2019Current Affairs
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In the past decade, it has become harder than ever to get that perfect job in the sector that you want.

Thanks to a lack of jobs available, alongside more qualified individuals than ever before, it is clear why there may be a struggle to gain jobs. But there are things you can do to give your career prospects a boost, such as volunteering. Not only will you be helping out other people, it will help to give you that extra edge when going for jobs.

Here’s why:

It can boost your CV
When you’re applying for a job, the interviewers will want to see what you’ve done, what you’ve experienced, and that you’re willing to put in plenty of hard work. Volunteering is a great thing to add to your CV – because not only can it close any gaps in employment, but it can also show that you are working for something other than financial gain, which is a great thing to talk about in an interview.

It gives you the chance to network
You never know who you’re going to meet in any given situation, and by volunteering you are given the chance to get to know people who you wouldn’t otherwise have met. It also means that you have something in common with the people you’re with straight away, and you never know what opportunities could come out of meeting them.

Get to know yourself better
Many people don’t know for sure what they want from their careers, so volunteering is a great way to get new experiences and to help you make the decision about what you might want to do. You can learn many lessons about yourself while volunteering, which is great when it comes to deciding on the next step that you might like to take on your career path.

Increase your confidence
Most employers are looking for members of staff who are confident in their own abilities, and by volunteering you will be given the chance to build on your confidence and experience. This can only benefit in your career, and will no doubt be of interest to recruiters during the application process.

Ultimately, volunteering could be a key investment into your own career, and this means that it is worth seeing what is out there, and finding ways in which you could use the opportunities to your advantage.

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