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Training courses in 2022 – A year for learning with HR Solutions

2022 is upon us and now is the perfect time to invest in your teams to ensure they have the required skills and training, to help take your business forward.

If the pandemic did nothing else, it kickstarted a revolution in how and where we work.  Through new ways of flexible working, the changes that workplaces have made and adapted to, have proven that there are diverse ways of doing things that we perhaps didn’t think possible before.

Technology and training

Technology played a key role in keeping us together at a challenging time, but now that we are in an environment where hybrid working and the expectation of flexibility is growing, across all sectors, it’s important to keep your teams in touch and ensure that your managers can cope with new or different ways of managing staff and to adapt their styles to suit.

Throughout 2021 we ran a range of courses on management skills, communication skills and handling difficult conversations. Not being able to attend the office and work face-to-face with colleagues can leave some managers feeling alone when handling difficult employment issues like managing poor performance, disciplinaries or grievances. We’ve been happy to help.

Employment case law last year brought up the case of Allay v Gehlen, a discrimination case that highlighted the importance of all staff receiving regular and engaging training on Equality and Diversity. We have now extended our available training dates for these courses, due to their popularity.

ILM training centre

As an ILM training centre, the training courses that we offer now also extends to leadership and management,for those that want to invest in their managers so that they receive an internationally accredited qualification. ILM courses have been designed to be challenging and highly rewarding and are all aimed at upskilling and making your managers even better than they already are.

The majority of our training courses are carried out online. Online courses still retain a high level of interactivity, which is achieved through breakout discussions, quizzes, and polls.  We also offer bitesize training courses which act as training refresher sessions.

Though our online training courses have proven successful and very popular, we intend to offer more physical sessions in 2022, guidance permitting. We were able to deliver training on-site during the last half of the year and that face-to-face approach was welcomed by all that attended.

Tailored training courses

Whilst we have a set of scheduled courses that we deliver for all who wish to sign up, we also adapt these to suit a company’s needs for exclusive delivery to your team.

We also deliver on a wide range of other topics. If you don’t see a subject on our website, please reach out and contact us. We have a lot of diverse experience in the team, and many combined years of knowledge, so we will be able to deliver a memorable and engaging session for all involved.

With a new year upon us, there’s no better time to develop yourself or your team and commit to turn 2022 into a year of learning.

For more information regarding our available training courses please contact us or visit our training page.


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