HR Solutions Webinar:
The Leadership Perception Gap

HR Solutions are delighted to welcome guest presenter Steve Middleton, Senior Business Engagement Manager at Engagement Multiplier who discusses a challenge lurking for leaders that can impact everything from employee engagement, to culture, to success during a period of change.

This challenge is referred to as The Leadership Perception Gap, which in short, is the difference between the perception company executives have of the effectiveness of their organisation’s leaders, and the perception of their employees. When the perceptions differ too greatly, the resulting gap represents a real impediment to the successful execution of company initiatives.

Whether or not you believe your organisation (or your clients’ organisations) is suffering from The Leadership Perception Gap, Steve’s webinar will provide you with invaluable insight and practical steps you can take to improve HR and leadership effectiveness in with what he refers to as ‘The 7 C’s”. He provides some practical, free resources that you and your clients can use that will help overcome many of the challenges business leaders face today and for the foreseeable future. Timing is everything. It’s never been more important to ensure employees and leaders are aligned, focused and maximising the talents they have between them to ensure business success and resilience.  We hope you enjoy this high energy, high impact webinar.


Leadership Perception Gap Survey

To help leaders get started, we’ve created the Leadership Perception Gap survey which you can try for free.  Get access free access to the Leadership Perception Gap survey and scorecard at no charge (and with no strings attached).  These tool helps business leaders as part of our efforts to support the business community and its efforts to recover from the pandemic.

Leadership Scorecard

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