HR Solutions Webinar:  GDPR Compliance | Stage 5 Breach Notification

HR Solutions have devised a straight forwards, five-step programme for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We presented and recorded a webinar for each step, each month, finishing in May 2018 when the Regulation is mandatory.

We hope that our previous webinars have helped you to understand how to be prepared for GDPR Compliance and that you are feeling ready. Human nature means it is inevitable that even with the best will in the world, your organisation will experience breaches of personal data. But don’t panic! Our final GDPR Compliance webinar recording, ‘Stage 5 Breach Notification’, guides you on how to deal with breaches and equips you with the knowledge of what to do if the worst should happen and you have a serious personal data breach.

Our five completed GDPR Compliance webinar recordings that are available for you to watch on demand are:

Our first webinar in the ‘Five Steps to GDPR Compliance’ series covered data auditing and cleansing – if you missed this webinar titled ‘GDPR Stage 1 Audit’, watch it on demand at

Our GDPR Stage 2 webinar seeks to clarify who’s who from a HR perspective so that you may feel confident about getting the basics in order and able to delegate in a way that complies with the Regulation. We cover the roles and responsibilities of: The Data Controller; The Data Processor; The Data Protection Officer; Data Subjects; Third Parties;  and Recipients.  Throughout the webinar we will discuss, from a HR perspective, whom in your organisation may fall under each of these roles.  Watch the webinar recording on demand at

GDPR STAGE 3 – DPIA & Privacy by Design
In our third webinar, we talk about talk to you about Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), how to implement the requirement for ‘Privacy by Design’ and when you may have done enough. We cover: who needs to complete a DPIA; why the steps of a DPIA will ensure ‘Privacy by Design’; the components of a DPIA; a recap on legal bases for data processing; a recap on organisational and technological measures; and a focus on security.  Watch the webinar recording on demand at

GDPR STAGE 4 – Record Keeping
In this webinar we cover the following: What is meant by record keeping for GDPR; The criteria that will mean record keeping is required; Who will be responsible for this in your organisation; What needs to be recorded to ensure compliance; and How to keep adequate records.  Watch the webinar recording on demand at

GDPR STAGE 5 – Breach Notification
In our final GDPR Compliance webinar, available to watch on this page, we will cover:

  • What type of breach you need to document
  • How to document breaches to ensure compliance
  • What a serious breach is and examples
  • How to make a serious breach notification
  • What happens if you don’t report a breach.


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