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Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations

The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2022 have come into force, amending the original Regulations which came into effect back in 1992. Under these amended Regulations, it now means that responsibilities on employers and employees will extend to limb (b) workers as set out and defined within the Regulations.

Under the Regulations, a limb (b) worker is a dependent contractor, and therefore, self-employed providing a service to a business.

Under PPER, it places a responsibility on employers to ensure that their employees, and now dependant contractors have sufficient information, instruction and training on the use of PPE, where PPE is required. You can read more about PPE in our article on the Knowledge Base.

Ventilation in the workplace

Following the government’s updated advice on living with COVID-19, the HSE have updated their website to provide information specifically on ventilation in the workplace.

Ventilation is not only vital in preventing the transmission of COVID-19, but it is also necessary to mitigate risk from pollutants and other impurities, but it also helps to improve health, support better concentration, and relates to lower absence levels.

Hazardous Substances guidance updated

Previous exposure to hazardous substances whilst at work accounts for an estimated 12,000 deaths in the UK, due to the damage they cause to lungs.

The HSE advises that those who work with hazardous substances must undertake rigorous risk assessments under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)
The HSE has recently updated it’s guidance on ‘Woodworking Guidance’.

Woodworking is deemed to be hazardous as the inhalation of wood dust can cause occupational asthma and, in some extreme cases, sino-nasal cancer.

Further Information

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