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Employee Engagement Crucial

By June 20, 2014July 28th, 2015Current Affairs
Employee Engagement

A white paper has outlined the need for businesses to focus on both employee engagement and wellbeing in order to ensure continued performance by individuals and the business overall.

The Engage for Success report, titled ‘The Evidence: Wellbeing and Employee Engagement’ provides evidence that there is a strong link between employers who actively practice employee engagement and wellbeing principles and an improvement in the performance of not only individuals but organisations as a whole.

The report features case studies from a number of companies including Marks and Spencers, Northern Ireland Civil Service and Barclays who offered different employee engagement initiatives and projects which offered different results in terms of improvements in productivity and staff satisfaction. It is hoped that the report will provide food for thought for businesses on how they can seek to engage with their employers, improved their wellbeing and therefore have a more productive and happier workforce.

The report comes weeks after Microsoft hosted its annual ‘wellbeing week’ for its staff at its Reading location. The ‘Living Well 365’ project provided a number of events and seminars targeting areas such as financial and physical wellbeing with activities included meditation, fitness classes, sleep clinics and more. More than 3,000 employees took part in the event in person whilst its other UK employers were able to participate online.

Research for the report took place over a six month period and the results are sure to provide organisations with some ideas on how they can improve their employee engagement and wellbeing. Some examples include initiatives such as offering fitness, weight management and health advice schemes and even employee surveys can go a long way in showing employees that they are valued and their opinions matter.

The full report can be read by clicking here.

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