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Goldman Sachs relaxes strict dress code

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Would a casual workwear policy help with IT recruitment? That’s what banking giant Goldman Sachs is hoping after it relaxed its strict dress code.


The firm’s chief information officer told technology and engineering staff that departments could now adopt a permanent casual dress code. However, the company still requires employees to wear smarter clothes when appropriate, for example, for client meetings.  Goldman Sachs was first established 148 years- ago and hopes that the move to adopt a casual dress code will make it more attractive to a more diverse pool of talent.

Changing attitudes to workwear

Goldman Sachs is not the first banking giant to change its dress code. Last year JP Morgan adopted a casual dress policy across the business; it said that it no longer felt it was appropriate to enforce the conventional suit and tie look among employees.

For a long time, the technology sector has taken a more relaxed approach to its workwear and strict dress codes have become outdated. Many employers have turned their attention to showcasing their modern credentials when recruiting a new generation of workers.

Dress codes do need careful consideration to ensure that there is no direct or indirect discrimination. If you are concerned about your company’s dress code and would like some HR advice, call 0844 324 5840.

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