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What is Constructive Unfair Dismissal?


Constructive unfair dismissal is when an employee is forced to leave their job against their will. Constructive unfair dismissal can be a result of an employer’s conduct such as a sudden demotion, pay reduction or job role change which leaves the employee feeling that they have no other option, but to resign. The Employment Rights Act […]

Managing an effective redundancy programme

managing an effective redundancy

Redundancy remains a topic that can leave employers not knowing how best to approach it. In this article, we consider what is required at the planning stage of a redundancy programme that is critical for making the process run smoothly, fairly, and most importantly, legally compliant. One of the most important aspects of managing redundancy […]

Case Law Update: Collective Redundancy Consultation

Collective Redundancy Consultation | HR Solutions

Deciding the Threshold for When Collective Consultation is Triggered This case law update provides a digestible account of a recent Employment Tribunal outcome. We take a look at the background details on the case, the rationale behind the judgements and takeaway learning points. Case UQ v Marclean Technologies SLU looks at when the threshold exists for when […]

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution | HR Solutions

The last few months have been extremely challenging to both business and employees and consequently, a lot of change is taking place with restructuring and making redundancies. Research also suggests that half of employers still anticipate redundancies when furlough ends in October. The consequences of change such as this can lead to disgruntled employees, employees […]

Interesting Employment Tribunal Cases: Dismissal and Redundancy

Employment Law Tribunal Case | Dismissal & Redundancy | HR Solutions

This case law update article provides a digestible account of recent Employment Tribunal outcomes; where you get the background details on the case, the rationale behind the judgements and takeaway learning points. An Exceptional Fair Dismissal M Gallacher vs Abellio Scotrail Ltd A fair dismissal requires a proper procedure to be followed, and the decision […]

Protecting Your Business

Protecting Your Business | HR Solutions | HR Advice

At a time of uncertainty, you will want to do everything within your means to keep your business running smoothly and to limit risk. As we continue to respond to Covid-19, managing the employment relationship is even more critical to ensure your business can survive and thrive. The biggest cost to any employer is its […]

Half of UK employers expect redundancies after furlough scheme ends


Almost half of the employers that have put staff on furlough expect to make redundancies when the government’s Job Retention Scheme ends, according to a recent poll. Research by People Management has found that most employers using the scheme have done so for workers they would have otherwise had to let go. The survey of […]

Artificial intelligence and technology should create jobs

Artificial Intelligence and Jobs | HR Solutions

A recent report, ‘UK Economic Outlook July 2018’ by PWC predicts that artificial intelligent (AI) and related technologies will create as many additional jobs as are displaced because of it. UK Economic Outlook A quick summary of the economic report estimates that jobs in the UK, over the next 20 years that would be displaced by […]

Over 500 Kwik Fit staff to lose jobs

Kwik Fit | HR Solutions

There were emotional scenes at a Kwik Fit call centre as 521 staff heard they will lose their jobs. Director Ant Middle told the stunned employees that the site will close by the end of March 2017. The jobs will go from the Kwik Fit Insurance Services call centre in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire. Ageas, the […]

What will happen to the BHS employees?

BHS | HR Solutions

BHS went into Administration on the 25th April 2016. Administration is an insolvency process (when a company does not have enough to pay what it owes to its creditors), usually lasting a year and is an option when, for example, it’s possible to “rescue” the company as a “going concern”. What does it mean for […]

Voluntary Redundancy: Don’t Consider Age a Factor, Rules EAT

Tribunal | HR Solutions

Taking age-related benefits into account during redundancy selections can be discrimination, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled.   The case of Donkor v Royal Bank of Scotland concerned an employee who was not allowed to apply for voluntary redundancy on the grounds of his age. As the claimant was over 50 at the time […]

BBC Payouts: Lessons for HR Managers

Recruitment| HR Solutions

The BBC payouts furore has highlighted the importance of ensuring that severance payments remain within contractual terms. The broadcaster’s Trust Chairman Lord Patten and Director General Lord Hall were called before the Public Accounts Committee because of widespread concerns that more than £25m was paid to 150 people leaving the corporation.It follows a critical report […]

BBC Severance Packages & Employment Law

Gender Pay | HR Solutions

The BBC’s 2013/14 annual report showed that the culture of high severance packages was still present in the 12 months up to the end of March, with a total of £2.76m awarded to just twelve former employees – not a bad redundancy package when we compare it to the statutory rates.   Tony Hall, director general […]

Woolworths Collective Redundancy Outcomes

Recruitment| HR Solutions

The Government has been given leave to appeal against an Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling that has moved the goalposts for employers planning company-wide redundancies. The tribunal found in the Usdaw v Woolworths case that administrators Deloitte had not followed the correct consultation procedures when closing the UK’s 800-plus Woolworths stores in late 2008/early 2009. In […]


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