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Tools for effective performance management at all levels

Performance Management

Effective performance management is essential for any business. When it is not managed effectively, it can be detrimental to business success, for instance: • There will be lower productivity • Poor customer service • Damage the reputation of the business • Expose the company to legal risk It is vital for any business to have […]

Working when ill – Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton Health | HR Solutions

There are many issues surrounding taking sick days away from work.  Recently, Hillary Clinton cancelled a trip to California which has highlighted that often people work when they are sick. Hillary Clinton, who is 68-years old had to leave a 9/11 memorial service early after reportedly overheating, and recent reports have suggested that she may […]

UK job satisfaction at a two-year low

Job Satisfaction | HR Solutions

A new survey has revealed that job satisfaction amongst UK employees is now at its lowest level in two years. The stark findings come after the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, surveyed 2,000 employees and discovered that private sector works have the lowest job satisfaction. Staff in all industries said that they now felt […]

Virgin Highlights ‘Horror’ of Corporate Culture

BHS | HR Solutions

Sir Richard Branson recently led a ‘Corporate Day’ at the Virgin Management offices to highlight the ‘horrible experience’ of corporate culture. During the day Virgin Group employees had to work as if in a traditional corporate culture. This included having to wear formal business attire, working strictly from 9am to 5.30pm, working without music (including use […]

Five Bad Workplace Habits

Five Bad Workplace Habits | HR Solutions

It’s Pancake Day on Tuesday, which means that for some people 40 days and nights of sacrifice starts on Wednesday. If you’re struggling to think of what you can give up for Lent, maybe our list of bad workplace habits can help. Take a look below and see if there are any behaviours here that you […]

Batman, Superman & Conflict in the Workplace

Batman, Superman & Conflict in the Workplace | HR Solutions

From Batman v Superman to Marvel’s Civil War, Hollywood is turning team mates against each other this year. It raises a good question – how do you manage conflict in the workplace? “That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.” So says Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred […]

Employee health and wellbeing: managing absence and lateness

Health, wellbeing, absence and lateness at work | HR Solutions

Let’s discuss employee health and wellbeing in relation to absence as well as lateness.  What are the effects that absence and lateness can have on your business, and what are the most effective ways to manage them? Absent and constantly late employees don’t just affect your organisation’s productivity; they can also have a negative impact […]

UK Workers Drinking Midweek Due to Stress

Over 50% of British employees are drinking midweek to cope with the stress of life, research by has found. The study by the leading discount website also found that almost a quarter (24%) of those who admitted to drinking during the week have called in sick to work on at least one occasion due […]

Employee Management: Team Building

Employee Management: Team Building | HR Solutions

Our next management guide looks at how you can develop your employees and turn them into a high-performing team. Click here to find out more about the basics of employee management. It’s rare for co-workers to become lifelong friends yet we spend the majority of our waking lives with our colleagues. One of the trickiest […]

Work-Related Stress Affecting Happiness

Job Satisfaction | HR Solutions

Stress is causing more than a third of employees to feel dissatisfied about their work, according to a new survey by Workwear Express. In a survey of over 1,020 UK employees nearly 40% said that they feel unhappy in their jobs. Over 65% said that they were not happy to some degree, whilst just 14% confirmed that they intend to stay […]

Employee Management: The Basics

Employee Management: The Basics | HR Solutions

The first of our management guides takes a look at day-to-day employee management and what you can do to boost engagement in your workplace. First and foremost, getting the right people for the job is key. Maintaining a smooth environment once your team is in place however requires knowledge, perception, and the ability to lead from the […]

Engaged Employees More Likely to Slack Off

Engaged Employees More Likely to Slack Off | HR Solutions

Highly engaged staff are more likely to be frequently late for work  and to undertake personal activities when they get there. A report by reward provider Red Letter Days for Business compared the time management of highly engaged employees with that of their less engaged co-workers and the results revealed some surprising findings. The headline is […]

How to Manage Poor Performance

How to Manage Poor Performance | HR Solutions

The aim of performance management is to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation.   Setting structured individual goals for your employees helps to direct their development, and also allows you to empirically measure their progress, which is great as long as your workforce continues to develop. But what can you do when an […]


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