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Tips to attract and retain both a British and EU workforce


This year we expect recruitment to continue to be a challenge, and the need to attract and retain a skilled workforce will become essential employers of all sizes. Employer brand Organisations often consider their branding from the perspective of customers. Spend time thinking about how your organisation may be perceived by prospective candidates. Arrange a […]

How to attract and retain EU workers?

Recruitment | HR Solutions

German born Chief Executive of Jaguar Land Rover discussed the impact of Brexit on recruitment saying, “People who come to the UK want to have special conditions because they don’t know whether they have to leave…” If employers understand how the proposals are likely to affect EU nationals, then we may begin to understand how […]

Critics warn leaked immigration proposals could see the exploitation of migrant workers

Immigration & Recruitment | HR Solutions

The government has come under fire after leaked Home Office files reveal proposals to curb low-skilled EU migration. The leaked immigration proposals also show plans for stricter ‘right to work’ checks. The controversial proposals have seen the government accused of allowing bad bosses to exploit migrants and undercutting good employers.   The leaked draft proposals […]

Could a barista visa save UK hospitality after Brexit?

Barista Visa | HR Solutions

As UK hospitality starts to panic over how it will find workers after Brexit, could a ‘barista visa’ become the solution? Over 508,000 EU nationals work in retail, wholesale, hotels and restaurants in the UK. Migrant workers make up 14% of the hospitality industry’s workforce. But once Britain leave the EU, many migrant workers may […]

The effects of Brexit on UK job creation

Brexit | HR Solutions

Brexit has been right at the front of everyone’s mind for a number of months since the results of the UK referendum were announced. There are many ways in which the decision for the UK to leave the EU is likely to have an impact on the country as a whole in the near and […]

MPs call on Government to protect employment rights

Fixed Fee Recruitment | Employment Rights | HR Solutions

A group of MPs, made up of pro-remain supporters, are calling on Theresa May and the Government to provide commitments to workers and employers, that employment rights provided under the EU, would be still be protected following Brexit. There is serious concern that some of these rights would end after the UK leaves the EU, unless […]

Over half a million EU citizens to leave the UK post Brexit

Brexit | HR Solutions

Research by independent think tank The Social Market Foundation (SMF) has revealed that 590,000 EU citizens resident in the UK, would not be eligible to stay in the country post Brexit. If Article 50 is activated in 2017 and the UK quits the EU by 2019, this could see the equivalent of the population of […]

No significant change to employment law says Brexit minister

EU Referendum | HR Solutions

While there has been much speculation about what the impact of an EU exit will be on UK employment law, the new Brexit secretary has promised that there will be no changes when the UK does leave the European Union.   Brexit supporters had suggested that leaving the EU would free the UK of restrictive […]

How to manage the Brexit effect

Brexit | HR Solutions

It may have been over a month since the country voted to leave the EU with ‘Brexit’, but there is still much uncertainty for UK businesses and non-British workers. More than three million EU workers living in the UK are now faced with an uncertain future, although those that have lived here for more than […]

Increased tensions in the workplace

Fixed Fee Recruitment | Employment Rights | HR Solutions

The decision to leave the EU has sent shockwaves throughout the country, even though the UK’s complete exit will be some years away. There have been reports of increased tensions in the workplace since the results were announced, putting pressure on employers to carefully monitor and deal with any bullying or discrimination that might be […]

What will Brexit mean for employment rights?

Brexit | HR Solutions

The dust may have started to settle a little after the EU referendum result, but what happens now and what will a Brexit mean for employment rights? The UK government still needs to submit a withdrawal notice to officially start the process of exiting the EU. But this isn’t expected to happen for a while, […]

Impact of a Brexit for UK businesses

Brexit | HR Solutions

The news that the UK has voted to leave the EU may have sent shockwaves through the country, the EU and the rest of the world, but what will Brexit now mean for UK businesses and employers? While many businesses across Britain will be putting into place their prepared contingency plans in case of a […]

EU Referendum – Decision Time

EU Referendum | HR Solutions

The UK will be heading to the polls this week to cast their vote on whether the country should break away from the European Union as part of the EU Referendum. Since the EU referendum was announced, there has been much speculation from both sides over the benefits and risks of either staying or leaving. Boris […]

EEA nationals’ right to remain in the UK

Right to Remain | HR Solutions

There have been two significant court cases this year that have looked to clarify what rights EEA nationals have to stay in the UK whilst job hunting. The UK government has amended the Europe Economic Arena (EEA) regulations a number of times over recent years. On the face of it, this makes it more difficult […]

UK Employees Most Confident in Europe

Recruitment | HR Solutions

Employees in the UK are more confident about how their organisation can compete on the world stage than the rest of the European workforce, according to a recent survey. Over half (58%) of UK workers are confident that their business can compete for work and talent internationally, compared to a European average of just 50%. […]

Staff Entitled to Holiday Commission

Holiday Pay

British sales staff can now expect to receive their commission whilst taking annual leave, thanks to a ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union which will change employment law within the UK. Sales workers have previously only been allowed to receive their basic salary from their employers, even if their commission makes […]

The EU Question

The EU Question | HR Solutions

The UK will go to the polls on the 23rd of June to determine whether or not the country will stay in the European Union. Our membership of Europe impacts on every aspect of our lives, something which is sure to be examined in close detail as June comes closer. The threat of economic instability […]

Gender Equality and the EU

Employee Engagement

A House of Lords committee has called on the Government to block the introduction of a 40 percent quota for women on company boards by 2020. The House of Lords European Union sub-committee found the proposed requirements from the EU to be “misguided”, and advised the government to maintain its approach of self-regulation and talent […]

Obesity Ruling Could Have Immediate Impact

Tribunal Fees

A European court case about a Danish childminder who claims he was dismissed due to his weight could have lasting implications on the way obesity is classified and treated in the workplace. The Advocate General of the European Court has indicated that obesity in its own right could be treated as a disability if it […]

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