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UK Employees Most Confident in Europe

By December 1, 2015February 11th, 2019HR Research
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Employees in the UK are more confident about how their organisation can compete on the world stage than the rest of the European workforce, according to a recent survey.

Over half (58%) of UK workers are confident that their business can compete for work and talent internationally, compared to a European average of just 50%.

ADP carried out the ‘Workforce View in Europe 2015/16’ study in July. Over 11,250 working adults responded to the survey, including 1,500 employees from the UK.

This optimism reflects the UK workforce’s attitude towards the economy as well. 81% of UK employees say they are now optimistic about the future of work, an increase from 77% in 2014. UK workers are also more confident about the economy than the rest of Europe, where optimism is at an average of 77%.

In a further sign of economic confidence, 69% of UK employees also agreed that they welcome foreign talent to the domestic job market.

A slightly more concerning consequence of this economic confidence is that UK employees are the least loyal in Europe. Almost half of those surveyed (47%) intend to move jobs within the next three years.

This is a stark contrast to the rest of Europe, where only a third (34%) of employees are planning to leave their employers.

UK employees are also the least likely to see a long term future with their employer. Only 17% will consider seeing the rest of their career out in their present company; this compares to 40% of German workers.

Leon Vergnes, Senior Vice President EMEA at ADP, commented: “It is evident that Europe’s improving economic stability is enhancing employee attitudes towards the future of work. However, the war for talent and tackling skills gaps are both key challenges for European businesses that must also consider how they can attract the best talent in the market.”

“When businesses consider mobility as part of their strategy, they will reap the benefits of an engaged, optimistic and committed workforce.”

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