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4 Day working week trial launched

This month has seen the start of the world’s largest trial of a 4-day working week. Over 70 organisations worldwide have signed up to the trial, which involves more than 3,000 UK employees. Those firms taking part include office-based software developers, housing, food and beverages, workplace consultancy, skincare, housing, and recruitment firms. The purpose of […]

Why employee retention is key to success and what you can do to improve it

Many employers have faced substantial challenges with recruiting staff. Unemployment levels of UK citizens is generally at its lowest, meaning there are fewer candidates in the job market than ever before. The impact of Brexit, the subsequent change in immigration rules and the pandemic has also meant that attracting overseas talent is even more of […]

The Era of Belonging and Paying Attention to How Employees Feel

Era of Belonging | Workplace Culture | HR Solutions | Crispin Rhodes

Is paying attention to how employees feel important? It is if a leader wants to retain existing talent, create a truly inclusive environment, or build sustained high performance. Belonging has been proven to deliver material results and is highly correlated with employee engagement and wellbeing. What exactly is belonging? A sense of belonging means an […]

Plan for success with a Human Resources Strategy

Human Resources Strategy | Employment Law | HR Solutions

Whatever the size of the business, a small start-up to a large well-established organisation, a human resources strategy forms the basis of everything in HR. It creates a robust, relevant and effective plan for how the business will successfully manage its workforce and ensures it aligns with its business needs and activities. An HR strategy […]

What Your Employees Do Before Breakfast

Working Before Breakfast | HR Solutions

Over three-quarters of UK employees spend their mornings completing chores before going to work, a survey has found. CV-Library asked over 2,000 workers how they spend their time in the mornings and the results suggest that we are a pretty busy bunch. A staggering 77.2% of respondents said that they need to complete a multitude […]

Unique Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits | HR Solutions

When job hunting, what first attracts people to a company? Salary is likely to be the first thing. But job hunters are now taking more notice of what potential employers are offering besides the usual pay rates. Employers have begun to recognise this and started to put together packages, offering their staff increasingly imaginative employee […]

Planning the Christmas Party

Planning the Christmas Party | HR Solutions

The Christmas party is a great opportunity to thank staff for their efforts over the last year, relax a little and get to know people outside of work. However, it’s always a concern when the alcohol starts to flow and your employees let their hair down. Romances, punch-ups and offensive jokes can be par for […]

The Mid-Afternoon Slump Explained

Mid-Afternoon Slump Explained | HR Solutions

The typical mid-afternoon slump has been explained… And the cause isn’t what you might think. Research by the NHS has identified that 2.16 PM is the least productive time of the working day. However rather than being due to the post-lunch ‘food coma’, the mid-afternoon slump is actually caused by rising CO2 levels in the […]

Employee Engagement Crucial

Employee Engagement

A white paper has outlined the need for businesses to focus on both employee engagement and wellbeing in order to ensure continued performance by individuals and the business overall. The Engage for Success report, titled ‘The Evidence: Wellbeing and Employee Engagement’ provides evidence that there is a strong link between employers who actively practice employee […]

Unlimited Holiday in the UK?

Holiday Pay

Sir Richard Branson created a stir earlier this month by announcing that the Virgin Group will be piloting unlimited holiday schemes. The entrepreneur has termed the unlimited allowance a ‘non-policy’, as Virgin Group employees will have complete flexibility with how and when they take their time off as long as they do so responsibly. Branson […]

Engaged Employees More Likely to Slack Off

Engaged Employees More Likely to Slack Off | HR Solutions

Highly engaged staff are more likely to be frequently late for work  and to undertake personal activities when they get there. A report by reward provider Red Letter Days for Business compared the time management of highly engaged employees with that of their less engaged co-workers and the results revealed some surprising findings. The headline is […]


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