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What Your Employees Do Before Breakfast

By February 2, 2016February 4th, 2016HR Research
Working Before Breakfast | HR Solutions

Over three-quarters of UK employees spend their mornings completing chores before going to work, a survey has found.

CV-Library asked over 2,000 workers how they spend their time in the mornings and the results suggest that we are a pretty busy bunch. A staggering 77.2% of respondents said that they need to complete a multitude of chores in their personal time before starting their day at the office.

Amongst the most common tasks listed were:

  • Cleaning the house (20%)
  • Walking the dog (12.5%)
  • Taking the kids to school (12%)

Other, arguably less-necessary commitments included going to the gym, yoga, and checking emails.

The survey also looked at how eating breakfast (or otherwise) can affect how much work people feel up to doing when they get into the office:

  • Over half of the respondents (57.6%) feel happier going to work after they have eaten breakfast.
  • Over half (57.2%) notice a decline in productivity when they skip breakfast.
  • Almost two-thirds (61.9%) notice a slump in energy when they skip breakfast.
  • Over half (52%) notice a drop in mood when they skip breakfast.

HR Solutions CEO Greg Guilford said: “The idea that employees need to complete so many different jobs before getting to their job is clearly not unusual. Many of the activities listed by the survey could be better classified as being part of a morning routine, and as long as this does not impact on your employee’s ability to do their job then it really is none of your business.”

“Skipping breakfast on the other hand can have a negative effect on employee performance. Whilst you can’t force your staff to eat, you can try making provisions for them to do so. Many companies now offer fresh fruit for those who skip breakfast or need a mid-morning pick-me-up.”

The health and productivity benefits of a decent breakfast are not just anecdotal. If your team are looking a little lacklustre in the mornings, providing fresh fruit may be a workplace perk that you want to try.

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