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Successful employee onboarding

By May 25, 2016Top Tip
Female Employment | HR Solutions

Performance management should be a priority throughout the entire working lifecycle of each member of staff and begin as soon as they start working for you. Onboarding is the process where new employees acquire the knowledge and skills to be an effective member of staff.

Employees learn about a company even before they’ve sent off their job application, so it is becoming more important that recruiting is included in the onboarding process. Once the employee has started, the onboarding process continues with being offered the position, attending staff induction and receiving their initial training.

Online – Future employees will have an understanding about the organisation before they have even applied. So use your website and job advertisements to tell future staff about the company. Let potential employees know that the company wants them to be successful and that regular performance reviews are an essential part of the organisation.

Interview – The interview is not just about choosing the best candidate for the vacancy and organisation, but it is also when the candidate can find out more about the company and asks questions. It is also an opportunity to discuss the performance management process and ask the candidate about their experiences of sharing and receiving feedback.

Induction – During the induction process, share the company history, explain benefits, and outline policies and procedures. It is also an opportunity to explain the performance management process in more detail and to share performance review documentation with new employees so they can get used to the process and ask any questions. Giving employees a checklist of remaining tasks to complete with appropriate deadlines, will give them a useful set of activities they need to learn which managers can review. It is also useful to allocate another employee to support the new employee with completing the tasks.

Mentor – A mentoring scheme can be a great addition to the onboarding process. Giving new employees lots of information is very useful, but having someone at hand to fill in the details will help them to understand the business better.

Training – Proper training helps new employees to fit into the workplace and become a productive member of the team. Even if a new employee has lots of experience, it would be a big mistake to not give them proper onboarding and training at the start. Even the best candidate can fail without proper training about the job role and also day-to-day operations in the office.

Performance management is about developing employees to be their very best and a thorough and welcoming onboarding process, will help to ensure that a new employee becomes a valuable asset that stays with you.


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