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The 2021 SME Business Survey has provided an opportunity to gain a further understanding of how SME businesses are feeling and responding to the changes that we have all witnessed throughout the previous year.

From conducting this survey and reviewing the findings, we have gained a clear understanding of the main challenges and concerns that businesses have experienced throughout 2021.

2021 has been yet another unpredictable year for everyone in business. We have seen the fallout from what has now been called, ‘The Great Resignation’, which has been further emphasised in this report, with 50% of surveyed SMEs stating recruitment could be a major challenge for them in 2022.

Many SMEs expressed a keen interest in finding new ways of managing their costs and increasing profitability. With the right resources and support, 2022 looks set to become a strong year for SMEs to rebuild, develop and find new success.

2022 looks set to be an interesting year, with clear themes in the survey indicating that this will be a year for change

How will you use our findings to assist with your own business over the coming year?

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Discover firsthand exactly how SMEs feel about, and have responded to, the events that have unfolded throughout 2021.

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Our next steps

We greatly value the feedback provided by all of our SME Business Survey participants. Following on from the results of the survey, we have identified key themes and patterns that have given us a clear insight into how SME’s were feeling at the time of collecting the data.

The 2021 SME Business Survey has been the driving force for our content creation including webinars, seminars and policies.

All of which have been created to assist SMEs and ensure that we are answering your business concerns, whilst providing new angles and ideas on how you can continue to develop and grow.

Please see below for a selection of past and future events that simply would not have been possible without your participation in our previous annual SME Business Survey.

The Great Resignation: are share and share option schemes the answer?

You told us that employee retention was an important factor for your businesses to focus on and that got us thinking.

What could improve employee retention?

We teamed up with Vestd to consider The Great Resignation and whether share and share option schemes could be the answer?

Ifty Nasir, the founder and CEO of Vestd joined us to explain how share and share option schemes can attract the best talent, encourage employee retention, and help to build a better, fairer businesses.


How has recruitment changed?

Looking at key ways to retain your top performing employees naturally led us to consider how businesses cope when they are forced to recruit.

A lot has changed following Brexit and COVID-19 in how we engage with applicants, select and onboard.

In this webinar we were joined by guest panellists Michael Jay from REED online, the UK’s number one job site and Teilo Morgan from Teamtailor; the leading organisation in applicant tracking systems.

Together, they gave their insights on the future of recruitment and how to secure top candidates within a challenging recruitment market.


Boosting your business finances

We have teamed up with Nordens Chartered Accountants to deliver a webinar on boosting your business finances.

We know from our SME Business Survey results that cash flow within businesses is more important than ever at the moment, there are so many ways that you can make sure that you are doing what you need to optimise the cash within your business.

The team at Nordens discussed the importance of cash flow and forecasting to make sure you have what you need when you need it.

They also looked at how you can make the most out of your profits, and refinancing options you should be considering if this is something that you are thinking about.

They explored tax-efficient employee incentives and share options followed by a Q&A.


The 7 Key Successes
Seminar: 13th September

Join us as we team up with internationally renowned Chartered Accountants, Nordens for this live seminar.

Following on from the SME Business Survey, this seminar will offer the opportunity for business owners to take an in-depth look at the findings, and what the next steps are for your business.

This practical session will look at how to maximise profit and potential, alongside analysing the sales process, mindset, cash flow, and much more.