Business Support – Vision and Goals (IAP 1/7)

This webinar is the first of seven of our free Business Support series in partnership with Nordens Chartered Accountants.  Over the series, Joe Sword, Head of Strategic Planning at Nordens, guides you through ‘7 Key Successes’  which are:  1. Vision and Goals,   2. Sales and Marketing,  3. Mindset,  4. Cashflow,  5. Systems and Processes,  6. Profitability, and  7. Team and Culture.

This webinar recording covers the first segment of the Interactive Accelerator Program (IAP) which is your vision and goals. Setting clear goals and an overall vision is one of the most important parts of any creative process, especially in business. One of the biggest sins a business owner can do is to not have a goal, and arguably even worse is having a goal that lacks purpose, meaning and clarity and following it. It’s essential to think about your consumer and how your offerings will affect them. This will essentially articulate the ‘why’ in your vision and uncover the solid core of your business in the process. Find out more on the IAP where its co-founder, Joe Sword, will guide you through how to achieve a positive attitude in both business and in life, whilst analysing ways to maximise your profit, potential and credentials.


Further Support

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