SME Challenge
Managing Your Cyber Security

This webinar is part of our SME Challenge series, following our SME Survey, and will help provide insight into how to manage your cyber security challenges.

Our first guest presenter is Eddie Finch, Managing Director at C3C, Chapter Three Consulting who are compliance specialists.  Eddie is a former Police Officer who has worked for a number of corporate technology companies including in an ISO auditor capacity and providing GDPR and Information Security support to a range of companies and charities.  Eddie will discuss the key elements to a robust cyber security framework including your people, your processes and technology.  He will also cover what happens when things go wrong – do you know what to do?

Eddie is joined by Zahid Naqvi, founder of Custodian Insurance who are exclusively focussed on protecting SME businesses. Zahid will discuss what protection insurance can give your business in relation to cyber security.


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